Mishi helps you better care for your best furry friends

Cats are mysterious creatures but we have a few tips about how to understand cat’s behavior and communicate with them so you understand each other… in a human-cat kind of way!

Every dog, no matter the breed, no matter how big or small needs dog training. This includes the basic commands but also proper behavior and habits.

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Your cat’s feeding routine has to include giving them healthy food and making sure they stay full and hydrated. However, even the best food in the world can be hindered by a poor choice of bowl. 

Most pet owners are definitely guilty of indulging their dog when they shouldn’t! Even those who try to keep a strict routine for training will let their dogs have a few treats. There isn’t anything wrong with this, but it can go too far! 

Owning a pet can be a great thing for children. If you get this pet while they’re still a baby, they even get to grow up alongside it. Studies have found that children who have pets learn more about empathy and the world around them.