Cat Activities: How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Healthy

exercise for your indoor cat to keep her healthy

There are many benefits to keeping your cat as an indoor cat, from protecting wildlife through to keeping them safe from the area that you live in. However, living their life indoors isn’t all smooth sailing for a cat. Cats need quite a bit of exercise with their protein-heavy diet. Boredom can also be a […]

Reasons Why Your Cat Is Drooling

Cat first aid

Cats can be playful characters. However, sometimes their exploration and climbing can lead to accidents. A cat can get themselves hurt at home or outside. The first instinct of any cat owner is to head over to the vet. However, a vet trip isn’t always necessary. In a lot of situations, you can easily treat […]

Reasons why your Cat is Drooling

why is my cat drooling

Most cat owners rarely, if ever, see their cat drooling. They aren’t the type of animal to start salivating viciously while imaging chewing on some food. This is why it can be concerning when you suddenly see your cat has started to drool. Drooling can actually be a sign of a serious problem with a […]

Dental Problems with Cats and How to Prevent Them

Preventing cat dental problems

Even the healthiest breeds of cats can get health problems from time to time. A problem with our cat’s health can be really worrying too. It is never nice to see a pet sick, and they usually can’t communicate the pain. Often this makes it hard to know what is to blame, and dental problems […]

Cat Health Insurance – What you Need to Know

Cat Health Insurance

Insurance. It is hardly the most exciting topic, in fact most people would probably say it’s one of the most boring. Although, despite it being a boring task, having cat health insurance is something you should be thinking about. Cat insurance is small monthly cost. However, over the course of your cat’s life span you […]

What to Do When Your Cat Is Not Eating

Cat Stopped Eating

When it comes to mealtimes, most pet owners don’t often have many worries about undereating! Many pets will happily wolf down their food, sometimes to the point of it becoming a problem. If you’re using a healthy brand of cat food this can all go quite smoothly. However, sometimes our cats can stop eating. This […]

6 Healthiest Cat Breeds With the Fewest Health Problems

Healthiest Cats breeds

Cats make loving and compassionate companions, and some cats can live a very very long time! Cats can routinely live beyond two decades, with some even getting much further up there. The current world record holder for the oldest cat was a Burmese, who achieved a lifespan of 35 years! Most cats aren’t going to […]

The Overweight Cat: Learn How to Control Your Cat’s Weight

Controlling Your Cat’s Weight – Keeping Your Pet Healthy

Much like with people, it often seems a bit rude to talk about a cat’s weight. However, weight gain in our pets can become quite a problem if not dealt with. While cats do look cute with a bit of extra fur, it can cause health problems further down the line. Some cats are particularly […]

Caring for Cats In The Summer – Staying Safe in the Sun

Caring for Cats in The Summer

For most, news of an incoming heatwave means nothing but fun. However, it isn’t a welcome turn for everyone, sometimes the extra heat is a bit of a burden. Pets have trouble keeping hydrated and comfortable in the heat, even cats need some extra care to stay happy and safe in the summer sun. There […]

Cat Friendly Plants: How To Care for Both

cat in a cat friendly plant

House plants can be a fantastic way to improve your air quality, brighten up your surroundings, and make your home feel like a nicer place. However, sometimes your cat can disagree. Cats can cause problems with house plants. They like to climb, play, and generally make mischievous with big pots of soil. This is often […]

Neutering or Spaying Your Cat: Are You a Responsible Cat Parent?

Spaying or Neutering Your Cat - stray cat

Deciding if neutering or spaying is right for your cat is a big decision. You might have some ideas about breeding your cat, because who wouldn’t want kittens that looked just like yours? Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. Spaying or neutering is the responsible thing to do with your pet. You also have to consider […]

Does Your Cat Have a Healthy Diet? Everything About Feeding Your Cat

cat eating food

Feeding a cat is the most basic task required for taking care of your furry friend. However, there are plenty of problems that can arise. Many owners worry about the nutritional value of their cat’s food, or if the food is right for their cat’s lifestyle. There are also foods that cats like to eat, […]

Are You Depriving Your Best Furry Friend of Holistic Care?

cat and dog holistic care

With our best desire at heart, we often ask if there is something that will act as a miraculous wonder drug to help our pet when he or she is unwell. Of course, the answer is not that simple. If it were, there would be no vets nor science. But, a holistic pet care approach […]

Before You Go to the Vet… Treat the Most Common Pet Ailments

Vet doctor with a cat and dog

Pets are perhaps our most beloved family members. Naturally, we want them to live a healthy and happy life. Humans and pets both suffer from ailments from time to time yet the difference between the two is that, unlike humans, pets are not able to communicate when they have a problem. Sadly, the animal may […]