Cat Travel | How to Transport Your Cat – Best Pet Carriers

Cat in the pet carrier

Transporting your cat everywhere by carrying it in your arms might seem like a fine decision at first. But in hindsight, you know it’s not the most conventional or comfortable way to do so. Hard carriers, soft carriers, slings, backpacks, and boxes—there are plenty of choices for transporting your cat. But how do you decide […]

Makin’ Biscuits: The Secret Behind Cat Kneading

cat kneading - cat paws

Whether you’re tired, frustrated, or sad, all it takes to turn your mood around is your cat kneading without knowing how much happiness it brings you. A lot of cats knead on their partners. It’s a move exclusive for them. So, if your cat only kneads on you, consider yourself lucky. This move has a […]

Everything You Should Know About Adopting a Second Cat

two burmese cats on a sofa

As a cat partner, you know what could be better than only one cat; adopting a second cat! But with a creature as moody as your feline friend, you know it’s not as easy as going to the animal shelter and adopting a second cat or kitten to love and cherish. You may have researched […]

How to Handle and Pet Your Cat the Right Way

petting a cat under the chin

All you want to do is show love and affection toward your cat. But how do you handle and pet your cat when it runs away like its tail is on fire every time you approach it? While some cats don’t like being touched or handled in any way, while others love the occasional petting […]

Rabies in Cats | Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

cat teeth cleaning

While rabies in cats is a relatively rare viral disease, it’s still widespread to cause alarm among cat parents. Cats can get rabies not only from other rabid cats but from any animals that may have the virus. That includes bats, dogs, foxes, or raccoons. This viral disease is highly damaging since it affects the […]

How to Get Rid of Cat Fleas… and Stay Flea-Free

cat flea scratching

Cat fleas—one of the greatest enemies for any cat partner! Especially if you have an outdoor cat that likes to play with stray or feral cats, you often find fleas roaming around in their fur. It’s natural that at the first clue, you’d panic and grab that emergency shampoo, but wait! Have you wondered why […]

Common Eye Problems in Cats and How to Deal with Them

blue-eyed cat

When it comes to eye problems in cats, even a small itch or a scratch can seem devastating. Cats are natural predators. If they start having issues with one of their essential senses, they become the hunted instead of the hunter. And it doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about the big cats roaming in the […]

A Stinky Situation: Diarrhea in Cats and How to Deal With It

funny cat sticking her tongue out

  If this is the first time you’re researching diarrhea in cats as a cat partner, consider yourself lucky. Like humans, cats deal with their fair share of indigestion and gastrointestinal problems. They may eat something wrong, may not drink enough water, whatever the issue is, cats experience diarrhea, constipation, and more. However, diarrhea is […]

Diabetes in Cats | Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

cat lying on the side

Your four-legged furry friend is one of the most resilient creatures on the planet. Yet, even they can’t prevent some illnesses that overwhelm their system, such as diabetes, which is actually quite common in cats. Diabetes, also known as Diabetes mellitus in cats, is a common disease that affects between 0.2 to 1 percent of […]

Cat Behavior | Why Does My Cat Follow Me Into the Bathroom

cat in a sink

When it comes to the bathroom, our furry friends do not respect our privacy at all, even though they demand it when it is their turn to go to the toilet. When Her Majesty the Cat goes to her litter box, she demands privacy! Every cat parent knows that when their pet does her potty […]

How to Train Your Cat to Use the Human Toilet

cat licking herself

Cat’s litter boxes can be tricky, choosing which litter and litter box to use, training a cat to use it, and remembering to clean it often enough. What if you could train your cat to use the same toilet as you? It can be done, but teaching a cat how to use the toilet is […]

Kidney Disease in Cats | Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

cat kidney disease - cat drinking water

Whether it is kidney disease in cats, humans, or dogs, let’s agree that whatever mammal, kidney disease does not bode well as a health condition. In felines, typically older cats experience chronic kidney failure or chronic kidney disease (CKD). However, kidney disease is not exclusive to only them. Kidney disease is caused by many problems, […]

Cat Sitter – Where Can I Leave My Cat When I Go on Vacation

cat hotels and cat sitting - cat in a suitcase

Going away for a trip or holiday isn’t always the smoothest experience when you have a pet. Whether you have a cat or a dog, going away and leaving them alone can be pretty worrisome. Cats can tolerate a little more time alone than dogs, but they still need plenty of stimulation. Cats need things […]

Cancer in Cats | Symptoms, Treatment and Care

cancer in cats - cat resting on the shoulders of a woman

As a cat parent, learning about cancer in cats may be difficult. However, if you want to be careful about your cat’s health, you must learn about everything that could potentially harm them. Cancer in cats is very common, almost as common as cancer in dogs. It is the number one cause of the increased […]

Cat Vomiting | What to Do When Your Cat Is Throwing Up

cat vomiting sick cat

If you have been a cat owner for years, you have probably spotted your beloved one producing a puddle of vomit at least once… However, this is not something to be surprised by. Our pets can get sick once in a while just like we do! Of course, if your cat starts constantly throwing up […]

How to Get Rid of Cat Hair on Clothes and Furniture

cat grooming herself - How to get rid of cat hair on clothes and furniture

As every cat owner will be aware, cat hair seems to get stuck everywhere! There are many tools available to help remove pet hair including vacuum cleaners, brushes, sponges and lint rollers. Why do cats shed so much hair? It can be alarming or annoying to see your beloved pet leaving piles of hair all […]

Is Your Cat Overweight? 5 Steps to Prevent Cat Obesity

how to prevent cat obesity - fat overweight cat

The secret to preventing weight gain for your cat lies in feeding a suitable diet in the correct amounts, and also ensuring your cat gets enough exercise.  However, this is not always as easy as it sounds and we are going to explore some practical ways you can put these principles into action. Why Is […]

The Best Cat Breeds for Seniors  

Cat Breeds for Seniors

A cat can make a great companion and loving pet for just about anyone that’s willing to have one. They can make particularly great pets for older people and seniors. A cat can be great company, help you stay active, and develop a special bond. When it comes to choosing a cat though, you have […]

The Best Cat Breeds for Children and Babies

best cat breeds for children and babies

Owning a pet can be a great thing for children. If you get this pet while they’re still a baby, they even get to grow up alongside it. Studies have found that children who have pets learn more about empathy and the world around them. This is a great tool to give your children. On […]

The Most Intelligent Cat Breeds

brown burmese cat breed

Every cat owner thinks their pet is one of the smartest! They all have their little quirks and habits that convince us they’re really thinking things through on a higher level. Cats in general are quite intelligent animals. However, as smart as our cats might be, there are some breeds of cat that are more […]