Cat Bowls: Learn How to Choose the Best Bowl for Your Cat

cat eating from a cat food bowl

Your cat’s feeding routine has to include giving them healthy food and making sure they stay full and hydrated. However, even the best food in the world can be hindered by a poor choice of bowl. Many  cat bowls aren’t quite as hygienic as they should be. Some types of bowls for cats are even […]

The Overweight Cat: Learn How to Control Your Cat’s Weight

Controlling Your Cat’s Weight – Keeping Your Pet Healthy

Much like with people, it often seems a bit rude to talk about a cat’s weight. However, weight gain in our pets can become quite a problem if not dealt with. While cats do look cute with a bit of extra fur, it can cause health problems further down the line. Some cats are particularly […]

The Best Cat Food – Keeping Your Cat’s Diet Natural

The Best Cat Food in a ceramic bowl

The right diet is really important for your cat, but it can be difficult to figure out just which brand is the best cat food.  Each cat has different needs, between mixed breeds, pure breeds, indoor and outdoor cats it can be a bit of a minefield to find the diet that’s just right for […]

Kitten Food – 4 High Quality Foods to Suit Every Budget

kitten eating kitten food in a bowl

When most new owners first bring home their new pet, they’ve prepared for everything. They’ve picked which breed is right for them, have a home set up for their new kitten, toys, and maybe a leash. Often though, the kitten food is just whatever the supermarket happened to be selling. This is the most convenient, and […]

Cat Friendly Plants: How To Care for Both

cat in a cat friendly plant

House plants can be a fantastic way to improve your air quality, brighten up your surroundings, and make your home feel like a nicer place. However, sometimes your cat can disagree. Cats can cause problems with house plants. They like to climb, play, and generally make mischievous with big pots of soil. This is often […]

Does Your Cat Have a Healthy Diet? Everything About Feeding Your Cat

cat eating food

Feeding a cat is the most basic task required for taking care of your furry friend. However, there are plenty of problems that can arise. Many owners worry about the nutritional value of their cat’s food, or if the food is right for their cat’s lifestyle. There are also foods that cats like to eat, […]

Best Things to Buy for Your New Cat on a Budget

Bringing home a new kitten or cat can be exciting, but there is a bit of prep work required. There are some things that you’re going to need to buy for your new cat when you get them home or even before. Thankfully though, this list can be done pretty easily on a budget. Most […]