Bring Your Dog to Work – Benefits and Rules

bringing dog to work

As COVID-19 started its relentless march across the globe, putting the world to a virtual standstill, many people who longed for a pet finally came to make this step. Although spontaneous adoption is not a good idea if you haven’t thought it through for the post-lockdown-era, the few months we got to be home were […]

How to Avoid Spoiling Your Dog  

Avoiding spoiling your dog

Most pet owners are definitely guilty of indulging their dog when they shouldn’t! Even those who try to keep a strict routine for training will let their dogs have a few treats. There isn’t anything wrong with this, but it can go too far! Sometimes our pets can end up so pampered, that we’ve found […]

First Aid Kits for Dogs and How to Use Them

Dog First Aid Kits

Dogs are very playful animals, which sometimes can get them into trouble. While a dog running around and not thinking too much about dangers might be fine 99% of the time, sometimes it can get them hurt. In these cases, most owners will rush their pet to the vet to ensure their dog is happy […]

The Noisy Dog: Why Your Dog Is Barking and How to Stop It

noisy barking poodle dog

We all know those neighbours with the barking dog. As a dog owner you might even feel guilty (or at least uncomfortable) of this. It’s kinda like the parent of a screaming baby onboard of an airplane. And annoyed people can be quite rude… So this article is for those poor dog owners that have […]

The 8 Best Dog Leashes Leads and Harnesses for Dogs

Best dog leashes and harnesses

Walking a dog is one of the most fun activities for both pet and owner. For many people, it’s one of the main reasons they decided to get a dog. Walking our dogs gives us exercise, and it gives them plenty of fun and stimulation. To walk a dog though, you need a decent lead, […]

Your dog can smell nice – here’s how!

chihuahua bath foam

Let’s address the most common stereotype and prejudice about dog owners. Just because you have a dog, many people might think that your house is filled with hair and that it, oh well no nice way to say it, stinks. Guess what, you can have a hair-free and odour-free home! And no, dogs do not […]

What to Do When Your Dog Is Not Eating

Dog Stopped Eating

It would be fair to say, that most dogs like food. While there are some exceptions, dogs are typically motivated pretty heavily by food. The promise of a treat can make a dog sit down, roll over, and for animated dogs will even solve mysteries for a treat. Sometimes though, your dog can suddenly stop […]

Find Out How to Choose the Best Toys for Your Dog

White and brown cavalier king charles running while biting rattl

While puppies have a reputation for being boundless balls of energy, adult dogs like a good play too. Adult dogs still need the same amount of exercise with regular walks, and stimulation outside of that. For most dogs, toys are a vital part of their everyday life. They can provide them exercise along with mental […]

Mani-Pedi Tips – Proper Way to Care for Dog Nails

dog paws

There’s more to trimming dog nails than you’d think. Dog owners need to understand that dog nails are different from ours and need to be trimmed in a proper manner. And unlike us, you cannot choose between mani or pedi – they have a package of all four paws that you need to attend to. […]

Common Dog Injuries – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

sick dog with a neck cone

Unfortunately, the world is full of things that can harm your dog. And dogs are fearless and ‘barefoot’ all the way when it comes to new adventures. Accidents happen and so do dog injuries. But, don’t be scared in advance, just do your best to be prepared. You might think dogs are so athletic but the […]

The Best Dog Bed – How to Choose the Right One

belgian shepherd dog in a bed

Choosing the best dog bed for your canine roommate is so individual, there are really no rules here. Dogs, just like us, have their unique taste. But what you can do is observe to see what your dog likes! After all, the point is that your furry friend feels comfortable and relaxed in its little […]

The Stress-Free Guide to Moving Abroad With Your Dog

dog in a suitcase for travel

So a move is on the horizon… It’s ok to be scared, after all, research has shown that moving can be even more stressful than a divorce. But, luckily, you have your best furry friend with you to go through this adventure together. Although the process of moving abroad with a dog can seem overwhelming, […]

How to Have a Pet and a Clean House: It’s Possible to Have Both!

black dog running through a puddle

Between shedding hair and the general destruction an excitable pet can cause, it can often seem like the choice is between having a pet and a clean house! It doesn’t have to be this way. There is plenty you can do to have a pet and a clean house! Keeping clean with a pet is […]

The Busy Dog Owner: Having a Dog and a Busy Lifestyle

dog next to a man sitting at his desk

Owning a dog is a major responsibility. And a lot of us struggle with juggling of every day commitments that are part of our busy schedules. But, being busy doesn’t mean you cannot be a dog owner. Yet, owning a dog requires devotion and careful planning. And if you have a busy lifestyle, here are […]

Your Dog’s Dental Hygiene Checklist for the 100 Carat Smile

dog teeth cleaning with a toothbrush

Maybe dog owners think it’s normal for dogs to have bad breath. And for this reason, many dog owners don’t brush their dog’s teeth frequently enough. Some don’t even do it at all. The importance of good dental hygiene is often neglected when it comes to dogs. Yet, your dog’s dental hygiene is an important […]

Emotional Support Dog – Pros and Cons of the ESA Trend

girl hugging a white dog

We all know that pets provide us with endless amounts of love and joy. But they are also our family, our companions. And they are also great at offering us emotional support, hence the term, emotional support dog. Emotional support animals (ESAs) is a growing trend as pets are considered to offer support not just […]

Summer Tips for Dog Owners: Keeping Your Dog Safe in Hot Weather

dog wearing sunglasses on the beach in the summer

Summer is all about holidays, fun and adventures. We all love the extra hours of sunshine! Our furry friends do too! But just like us, dogs need to be protected from harmful rays and high temperatures. So we made a little summary of the most important summer tips for dog owners on how to keep […]

Caring for a Puppy – the Ultimate Puppy Guide

puppy care - puppy dog held by a human

So you decided to add a new family member, congratulations! But getting a new puppy requires special care, just like a human baby does. Ideally, you got your puppy while he or she has reached 3 months of age. If sooner, caring for your new puppy will be even more demanding. But here are some […]

Puppy Potty Training: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Home Pee-Free

yorkie puppy pooping

Puppy potty training is just like any other kind of dog training. It requires patience and consistency. The goal of training your dog is to instil good habits and positive behaviour. But this is also the most effective way to deepen your loving bond and you can both enjoy this process. First, be prepared as puppy […]

Does My Dog Need a Health Insurance Plan?

sick puppy recovery

Being a dog owner, this topic surely crossed your mind at some point or another. While convenient for a peace of mind, health insurance plans are everything but cheap. And the question is – do they really pay off? And another thing that arises – are you just asking for trouble as you might not […]