Why Is My Dog Trembling and Shaking?

dog shaking chihuahua

You’ve probably seen your dog trembling at least once and wondered “Is this some sort of performance or my dog is getting sick?” So what exactly are tremors and are they dangerous? Tremors are minor, uncontrolled contractions of an animal’s skeletal muscles. The entire body or particular areas can tremble. Cold temperatures aren’t the only […]

Labrador Retriever

dog labrador retriever

Physical traits Labradors are dogs of medium size with a muscular build. Their neck is strong, and the chest is broad and thick. Depending on the sub-breed, the physique of the Labrador varies. English Labradors have a more extensive constitution and shorter legs. The American sub-breed have an athletic build, as they are taller and […]

The Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

senior older woman and a dog

Dogs make great pets and companions for people of all ages, and age shouldn’t be a disqualifying factor in getting a dog. However, not all dogs are suitable for everyone. There are some dog breeds that are just better for elderly people. Some breeds have a particular balance of energy needs and temperament which make […]

The Best Dog Breeds for Children and Babies

Adopting a new dog is a fun process, but the biggest decision you have to make is which dog breed is for you. Everyone has preferences, like a big dog over a small dog, or a certain look for the dog! One big question for many though is how the dog will be with children […]

Bring Your Dog to Work – Benefits and Rules

bringing dog to work

As COVID-19 started its relentless march across the globe, putting the world to a virtual standstill, many people who longed for a pet finally came to make this step. Although spontaneous adoption is not a good idea if you haven’t thought it through for the post-lockdown-era, the few months we got to be home were […]

How to Help Your Dog Feel Younger and Live Longer

Increase dog's life span

Your dog will always be a puppy in your eyes, we know. There’s no grey hair that can make you think otherwise. But, do not wait to see your beloved pup having trouble to climb on the sofa or panting quite a lot more after a walk to start caring a bit more.   Note […]

The Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

The Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Our dogs aren’t just cute pets, they can also be great company that seem to show real signs of intelligence. Most dog lovers can probably pinpoint a few things their pet does that makes them stand out as very intelligent. Because of this, it is easy to assume that our dogs are definitely some of […]

How to Avoid Spoiling Your Dog  

Avoiding spoiling your dog

Most pet owners are definitely guilty of indulging their dog when they shouldn’t! Even those who try to keep a strict routine for training will let their dogs have a few treats. There isn’t anything wrong with this, but it can go too far! Sometimes our pets can end up so pampered, that we’ve found […]

First Aid Kits for Dogs and How to Use Them

Dog First Aid Kits

Dogs are very playful animals, which sometimes can get them into trouble. While a dog running around and not thinking too much about dangers might be fine 99% of the time, sometimes it can get them hurt. In these cases, most owners will rush their pet to the vet to ensure their dog is happy […]

How to Persuade Your Family to Get a Dog

Getting a puppy

While it might seem hard to believe, not everyone is desperately looking to add a dog to their lives. For some, getting a dog can be a really exciting time. However, not everyone in your household is going to feel that way. You could be ready to bring home a dog but stuck in a […]

Guide to Dog Training and the Tools You’ll Need

A guide to dog training

If you’ve just brought home a new puppy, the first few weeks are mainly filled with fun. You’ll be pretty busy playing with them and getting to know them! While it isn’t as fun as playing, dog training is really important. The sooner you start; the easier time you’ll have to prepare your dog for […]

Dental Problems with Dogs and How to Treat Them

Dental Problems in Cats

Any dog owner knows that their pets aren’t particularly fussy about what they put in their mouths. Dogs will taste just about anything they find, providing it smells good enough. It should be no surprise then that dogs are quite prone to dental problems. While they might have hardier mouths than our own, dogs don’t […]

What to Do When Your Dog Is Aggressive

bad aggressive barking growling dog

Being a dog owner carries a lot of responsibility. And despite the fact that dogs are wonderful creatures, there are aggressive dogs as well. Aggression can arise from a variety of circumstances but it is always dangerous as things always escalate rather quickly in such situations. This is not that common, but even if you […]

The Noisy Dog: Why Your Dog Is Barking and How to Stop It

noisy barking poodle dog

We all know those neighbours with the barking dog. As a dog owner you might even feel guilty (or at least uncomfortable) of this. It’s kinda like the parent of a screaming baby onboard of an airplane. And annoyed people can be quite rude… So this article is for those poor dog owners that have […]

The 8 Best Dog Leashes Leads and Harnesses for Dogs

Best dog leashes and harnesses

Walking a dog is one of the most fun activities for both pet and owner. For many people, it’s one of the main reasons they decided to get a dog. Walking our dogs gives us exercise, and it gives them plenty of fun and stimulation. To walk a dog though, you need a decent lead, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Dog Adoption

Adopt a Dog

When you’re ready to bring home a dog, there is often a lot more excitement than planning! The first thing to consider is whether you’re buying or adopting. If you’ve opted for adopting, then you might be all ready to jump in and start visiting some shelters to find your new pet. However, before you […]

Dog Food 101: Guide to the Best Food for a Healthy Dog

Any dog owner is very likely to tell you his or her dog can eat 24/7. And what’s even worse, dogs will eat anything. When it comes to majority of health issues that dogs have, your vet will ask you two things: what kind of food is your dog eating and is it having an […]

Causes and Treatment When Your Dog Is Limping

Best Things to Buy For a Dog on a Low Budget

When it comes to having a dog as a part of your family, they are surely as enthusiastic and playful as family members can get. But being so active has its setbacks as it also makes them prone to injuries. And just because you don’t see your beloved pet whining or crying it doesn’t mean […]

Your dog can smell nice – here’s how!

chihuahua bath foam

Let’s address the most common stereotype and prejudice about dog owners. Just because you have a dog, many people might think that your house is filled with hair and that it, oh well no nice way to say it, stinks. Guess what, you can have a hair-free and odour-free home! And no, dogs do not […]

What to Do When Your Dog Is Not Eating

Dog Stopped Eating

It would be fair to say, that most dogs like food. While there are some exceptions, dogs are typically motivated pretty heavily by food. The promise of a treat can make a dog sit down, roll over, and for animated dogs will even solve mysteries for a treat. Sometimes though, your dog can suddenly stop […]