How to Avoid Spoiling Your Dog  

Avoiding spoiling your dog

Most pet owners are definitely guilty of indulging their dog when they shouldn’t! Even those who try to keep a strict routine for training will let their dogs have a few treats. There isn’t anything wrong with this, but it can go too far! Sometimes our pets can end up so pampered, that we’ve found […]

Guide to Dog Training and the Tools You’ll Need

A guide to dog training

If you’ve just brought home a new puppy, the first few weeks are mainly filled with fun. You’ll be pretty busy playing with them and getting to know them! While it isn’t as fun as playing, dog training is really important. The sooner you start; the easier time you’ll have to prepare your dog for […]

The 8 Best Dog Leashes Leads and Harnesses for Dogs

Best dog leashes and harnesses

Walking a dog is one of the most fun activities for both pet and owner. For many people, it’s one of the main reasons they decided to get a dog. Walking our dogs gives us exercise, and it gives them plenty of fun and stimulation. To walk a dog though, you need a decent lead, […]

Find Out How to Choose the Best Toys for Your Dog

White and brown cavalier king charles running while biting rattl

While puppies have a reputation for being boundless balls of energy, adult dogs like a good play too. Adult dogs still need the same amount of exercise with regular walks, and stimulation outside of that. For most dogs, toys are a vital part of their everyday life. They can provide them exercise along with mental […]

How to Prevent Destruction – Dog Proofing Your Home

dog playing with toilet paper

It is a well-known fact that pets can make a mess of your home. But dog proofing your home is important for two reasons: to keep your new furry friend safe but also to safeguard your precious belongings. Even the calmest puppies can create havoc when they are left alone. In order to cope with […]

Puppy Potty Training: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Home Pee-Free

yorkie puppy pooping

Puppy potty training is just like any other kind of dog training. It requires patience and consistency. The goal of training your dog is to instil good habits and positive behaviour. But this is also the most effective way to deepen your loving bond and you can both enjoy this process. First, be prepared as puppy […]

Dog Obedience Training – The 7 Essential Commands

obedience training dog to jump over hurdles

Training your dog is a must in order to have a civilized and well-behaved dog. Dog obedience training serves a greater purpose, just like a pianist needs to practice playing scales long hours before getting to the recital stage. Basic training will set the stage for a balanced dog. Also, it will help you a […]