Dog Food 101: Guide to the Best Food for a Healthy Dog

Any dog owner is very likely to tell you his or her dog can eat 24/7. And what’s even worse, dogs will eat anything. When it comes to majority of health issues that dogs have, your vet will ask you two things: what kind of food is your dog eating and is it having an […]

What to Do When Your Dog Is Not Eating

Dog Stopped Eating

It would be fair to say, that most dogs like food. While there are some exceptions, dogs are typically motivated pretty heavily by food. The promise of a treat can make a dog sit down, roll over, and for animated dogs will even solve mysteries for a treat. Sometimes though, your dog can suddenly stop […]

Guide to Choosing the Best Dog Food Bowls

lab lazy eating puppy food

You might not think your dog is much of a fussy eater if they devour their food from just about any surface. However, a dog’s bowl is pretty important. Even if your pet is only at their bowl for a short while, it needs to be kept clean and hygienic to avoid any health problems. […]

Best Puppy Food to Support Growth and the Immune System

chowchow puppies dogs eating puppy food

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Fat Dog? 5 Tips to Help Your Dog Lose Weight Safely

Fat dog - dog sitting on the sofa like a human

Dog obesity is very common nowadays: both in the U.S. and Australia approximately 1/3 of dogs are overweight. In the UK, 59% of dogs are reported to be obese so it seems to be a dangerous global trend. Consequently, a fat dog is more likely to suffer from diabetes, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, cancer, and ultimately, shorter life […]

20 toxic foods you should never give to your dog

toxic foods for dogs to avoid - dog that wants to eat biscuits from the table

Besides ‘being faithful as a dog’, there is yet another common cliche. It is about dogs eating everything that is in front of them, whether they are hungry or not. And there are toxic dog foods that dogs need to avoid at all times. Luckily, there are some dogs who are happy to only eat […]

Proper dog nutrition? It’s more than just food!

dog with a food bowl

The importance of nutrition for the health of your dog cannot be emphasised enough. It is very common for a multitude of health problems to start from poor nutrition. Allergies from food are very common. So for example, when your dog has chronic ear infections, the vet will often recommend to switch to a hypoallergenic food for […]

Best Things to Buy for a Dog on a Bigger Budget

When you’re bringing home a new dog, there are quite a few things you’ll need to get to make your home just right for them. Dogs don’t have a lot of big needs, but there is some equipment that will make things easier for them in the transition. If you’re working on a bigger budget, […]

The Best Things to Buy for a New Dog on a Medium Budget

A new dog can be an exciting and fun presence in a home. However, they don’t come with everything that they’ll need! When you’re bringing a new dog home, there are quite a few things you’ll need to buy to make your house into a home for your new pet. You can get all of […]