10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Dog

Surely, you’ve been asked if you are a dog person at some point in your life. Maybe you were even asked if you prefer dogs or cats? Maybe you are both a cat and a dog person, as there are many brave individuals who opted for both and claim it’s a recipe for a happy household! But when deciding to get a pet, choosing between a cat or a dog can be very difficult!

shiba inu dog

At first, you might think that cats are easier to maintain, that they take up less of your time as you don’t have to walk them and that they are less demanding than puppies who will ache for your attention. But let us show you the other side of these arguments and help you see why owning a dog is so extraordinary!

1. No litter boxes

Litter boxes can be quite troublesome for cat owners who are prone to dust allergies. You need to commit to clean them at least once per day as you wouldn’t want your cat to get sick due to all that built-up bacteria. When it comes to dogs, that’s the beauty of training them as they go outside to do their business. Yet, if you cannot walk your dog several times a day, you can also train him or her to do it on a training pad which you simply dispose of afterwards. And no matter how many times a day you get to clean a litter box, the smell is indestructible. Still wondering which pet should you get?

2. Dogs are easier to control – better damage control!

Yes, puppies can chew on your favourite pair of shoes yet that’s where the power of training kicks in. Unlike cats, dogs can be trained not to destroy your furniture. And when you leave the house, if your dog is well-trained, you can rest assured that there will be no unpleasant surprise when you get back. Unlike cats who have a will of their own and which you cannot break, no matter how hard you try, your dog’s entire world begins and ends with you. And even the most dangerous dogs, i.e. Rottweilers can be successfully trained.

3. Shedding can be avoided!

Those who are allergic or simply not a fan of pet hair lying around your household can opt for hypoallergenic dog breeds which do not shed! How do Yorkie and Bichon Frise sound or are you still wondering which pet to get?

yorkshire terrier dog yorkie

4. Dogs can protect you

There are countless examples of how dogs protected their owners, some even sacrificed their own life jumping in front of a bullet. And dogs do this without thinking. To you, your dog will be a small part of your world. But your dog’s entire world begins and ends with YOU. Now who would not love such a raving fan… 24/7!

5. Dogs adapt better to change

Cats are more sensitive to their environments and therefore, are more likely to not be fond of any changes. Dogs, on the other hand, look at their owners and follow accordingly. Although there are some neurotic and frightened dogs, the saying that dogs do look like their owners fits about right in this scenario. An angry owner is most likely to have an angry dog because animals filter our emotions and dogs often mirror the emotional condition of their owners. So, if the owner is comfortable with the change, it is very likely that his or her dog will cope with it just fine.

6. Variety of choices – dogs come in all shapes and sizes :)

There are dogs literally ‘made’ to fulfil a purpose – be a companion, protect, enhance your kids’ childhoods, etc. And even within each group you can possibly imagine, you have countless breeds to choose from. You like cats because they are smaller? Well, Chihuahuas are even smaller and just as intelligent – they were considered as the Guardians of the Underworld!

7. You are getting a best friend for life!

Even if you haven’t seen Hachi (and cried your eyes out!), the movie that portrays a true story of faith, devotion and undying love of a dog to its owner, there are countless stories of dog love and loyalty. There is hardly a human being that can be that good of a friend as your dog. You’ll see :)

Dog travelling in a car

8. You can travel trauma-free with (small) dogs even by plane

Majority of airlines allow pets up to 7-8 kgs to travel in the cabin with you. Although traveling with a dog will require some preparation, it is far easier than traveling with a cat. Your dog will always be happy just to be with you and will adapt easily to any changes along the way as long as it is fed, watered and exercised. As for car travel – most dogs of ALL sizes LOVE IT! All you have to do is make sure you have the necessary paperwork and equipment.

9. Physiological benefits

Owning a dog promotes a more active lifestyle that can do wonders for your health. Dogs need exercise so you have to commit to a level of physical activity. As human beings, our bodies are ‘made’ to move, not sit in stationary positions for 8 or more hours at work. So even if you are bone-tired when you go home, your dog and your body will thank you for making the effort to go for a walk – or just play fetch!

10. Endless learning potential

When it comes to training, there are no limits. There is even one London-based company that can train City Dogs to use smartphones – and make a selfie! Start with basic commands and then find creative ways to entertain your dog and never stop! There are so many smart things that dogs can do – so prepare to be amazed!

So, what pet should I get? Is there one right answer?

Just like cats, dogs have a sixth sense to detect even cancer or anticipate natural disasters such as earthquakes. It is an intuition that even us humans supposedly have but we haven’t used it for so long that we forgot about it. Unlike us, animals have stayed loyal to their true selves and they are here to remind us to do the same. So even if you still cannot decide if you are camp dog or camp cat, you can always get both as believe it or not, they can get along just fine! And whether you opt for a dog or cat, you’re in for so much love, joy and countless blessings!

Pets bring us a sense of emotional stability and unlimited reserves of pure love, end of story. So if you are still wondering which pet should you get, the most important thing is that you actually get one :)

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