Dog Intelligence: The Smartest Things Dogs Do

Animals are pure souls. Furthermore, dog owners will agree that dogs are made of 100% pure love. Maybe they are not as intelligent as dolphins, but there are many valuable life lessons that we can learn from them. Prepare to be amazed with some of the smartest things that dogs do, as your dog is bound to surprise you with its colourful multi-range personality sooner or later. Dog intelligence is real and we can learn a lot from it!

a man and his dog lab at sunset

Enjoying every moment to the fullest

There is possibly no other creature on Earth that shows better what enthusiasm is. If you only witnessed a wag of a dog’s tail, you understand. Dogs are all about enjoying the small things. They are as excited about going for a walk or playing fetch as you would get if your greatest lifelong dream would come true. They remind us to leave negative thoughts behind and prevent us from being stuck in a prison we can make in our mind.

Learn from your dog to be in the present moment. It will be just as good teacher as any renowned zen guru! Although walking is vital to your dog’s health, there’s a lot it can do for you too! As the dog whisperer, the famous Cesar Milan states – we can add so much to each other’s lives. Even with something as a simple as the perfect walk!

Don’t get stuck in anger – forgive and forget!

a boy hugging a puppy dog golden retriever

Have you ever observed how ducks behave in a pond? From time to time, they run onto each other. What happens is not a fight that lasts, but they very quickly separate and go off in opposite directions. Each duck will then flap its wings several times, and quite vigorously! What they do is in fact release the surplus energy that has built up in them due to that fight. This is one of Eckhart Tolle’s favourite example in his teachings about secrets to wellbeing.

Well, dogs do the same thing when they ‘shake it off’! They do it when they wake up to ‘awaken’ their system. They even do it after cuddling with their owners! It does not mean that your dog hasn’t enjoyed the time with you, but it is simply releasing the surplus energy. A full body shake is their stress releasing mechanism. Unlike us, they follow their instincts.

No offence to ducks or zen gurus known as cats, but dogs are great teachers on ‘letting go’ and being happy in the present moment! Despite the benefits of the human mind, the power to remember is sometimes the greatest trigger for our suffering. If you refuse to give your dog a treat, it will go back to being happy just a few moments after being displeased for not getting one! Dogs do not hold grudges, and neither should we. After all, it’s just a poison we end up drinking ourselves.

Loyalty is the foundation of a good relationship of any kind

Dog high five with owner

Dog intelligence goes further than that. The expression ‘loyal as a dog’ exists for a reason. Dogs are truly a man’s best friend. The world is filled with stories that prove dog loyalty. Even if you lose everything you own, your dog will be by your side. Dogs love their owners unconditionally. To all the girls who don’t feel pretty without makeup – your dog will look at you as the most beautiful girl in the world. This holds true even when you wake up in the morning with a bad hair day and your mirror is telling you an entirely different story – nothing but love will be present in your dog’s eyes!

Love unconditionally

Is this how you look at your loved ones? How do you show them your love? Do you love them just as they are or do you have expectations of them? Starting from ourselves, we often tend to change a lot of things about our appearance. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but they are never unhappy in their bodies. They appreciate what is given and live with it happily. Learn to love everything about yourself so you can be this authentic and accept others just as they are as well. See, we promised you can learn a lot from dog intelligence!

Greeting the ones you love

Dog wagging his tail

When you come back home – whether from a long day at work or a few minute trip to the grocery store, your dog will greet you with a wagging tail and tons of joy! Every single time. Do you greet your loved ones even after you’ve had a rough day at work or were stuck in traffic? Most of us tend to forget how much these small gestures matter.

Just think about it, if a girl at the cash register smiles while giving you the receipt, it will surely bring a smile on your face as well, even if you’re in a rush. A smile is never wasted, it does not cost anything. It does not make the giver poorer and it makes the receiver richer!

Your dog could save your life, literally!

a medical rescue dog

Believe it or not, dogs can even sniff out cancer. They can smell the chemical changes that take place in our bodies through our breath and overall scent. There are even dogs who are trained specifically to help diabetics. Diabetes Assist Dogs are trained to monitor any changes in the air as to record the specific smell of the human breath that reflects dropping blood sugar levels. But dog intelligence goes even further. They are also trained to alert the person suffering from diabetes by touching them in a specific way such as pawing.

Cancer medical detection dog

There were also some reported cases of dogs acting nuts hours before earthquakes took place and other natural disasters. Although there is no evidence that could explain this besides the fact that dogs can sense and hear such dramatic changes before our receptors react, you might want to keep note if your dog starts feeling anxious for no obvious reason!

So now you know the secret of dog intelligence: dogs can be both zen gurus and superheroes!

If you think about it, having a dog in your household is like being in the presence of the Dalai Lama and your knight in shining armour at the same time. Talking about a two for one deal! Plus a whole lot of love and countless health reasons why you should definitely consider getting a dog! Your furry best friend will light up your day and your entire world with its colourful and adorable personality. Your dog will surely surprise you with what it can do. But most importantly, this unconditional love will have a deep impact on your emotional and overall wellbeing.

Dog intelligence is so much more than pure intellect, it’s about boundless love, appreciation for life and unreserved loyalty.

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