Best Dog Breeds for Apartments and Small Houses

Just because you have a small apartment doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself a dog. Of course, it is better not to have dogs of such breeds as Husky, German Shepherd or Malamute in the apartment, because they will not have enough space for their activities. Luckily for pet lovers, many small dog breeds will have more than enough space in your apartment.

Yorkie Yorkshire Terrier - Best dog breeds for small apartments

They don’t need constant walks, they can be accustomed to the dog pee tray and you don’t need to worry about getting up early. Some of them are easy to care for, which means they do not need constant grooming and washing. There are also breeds of dogs that are completely hypoallergenic and will be a great choice if you have a small child or you’re allergic. Of course, choose a dog based on the space and care you can provide for them.  So, for example, you should not get a Doberman when you live in a small apartment, because you will do worse for your pet and yourself.

First of all, of course, you must choose the breed of dog that suits you and your lifestyle. Now let’s take a closer look at potential contenders for your heart.

Dog breeds for small spaces

Bichon Frise

They are hypoallergenic and completely adorable dogs, they learn quickly and adore almost everyone. Weighing in at about 15 pounds, they are very active and playful dogs that also take up very little part of your sofa. These breeds shed less than others, making them ideal for living in a small apartment.

French bulldog

French Bulldogs were originally bred in England as miniature bulldogs. This breed is becoming more and more popular among residents of megacities. Their compact size and significantly low need for activity made them good indoor dogs. Despite the low need for activity, French bulldogs love to play and thrive in human communication. These dogs can also be considered as watchdogs since they very rarely bark for no reason.

French Bulldog - Best dog breeds for small apartments


Bulldogs, despite their muscular build, are perhaps best known for their laziness, which makes them the perfect apartment dog breed. A short walk is all these cute little dogs need to keep them happy. Despite this characteristic, they are very friendly, loyal and gentle. Hot cities unfortunately are not the best home for these shorties because they can easily overheat.

Shih Tzu

Originally this breed was bred to live in Chinese palaces, but they will happily agree to live in more modest apartments with you. Shih Tzu fit perfectly into any living environment. Pay special attention to them, these dogs are very friendly towards owners, children, other pets and even strangers. Dogs of this breed make excellent companions as they are very affectionate and calm.


You probably never thought that the fastest dog would love to rest so much. But yes, they are indeed great for small houses and apartments. Their energy needs are met by daily bouncy walks, and their friendly and calm nature makes them an excellent choice for small living spaces.

Greyhound - Best dog breeds for small apartments


Pugs, which can be recognized by their flattened faces, are very playful and loyal dogs. A little mischievous, but absolutely lovely dogs, they are still couch potatoes who make life more fun for the inhabitants of the apartment. Pugs usually don’t bark, which means that no one will disturb your neighbors. Due to their lower need for exercise, noiselessness and size, pugs are great pets for apartments of any size.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These dogs are very attached to their owners, so small apartments are even better for them. They are very affectionate and require a lot of attention, they will climb on your knees and ask you to scratch their tummy. The only drawback of this breed is that they can be difficult to train, so please be patient with them. But still, if you pay enough attention to them, then, believe us, these cute doggies will very quickly become the most reliable part of your family.


Dachshunds are the smallest hounds, but they are not made for long-distance running. They are generally good hunters for small game (hope you are not going to ask them to do that in your city park!) They are very intelligent, alert and with good loud barks, so they can also be excellent guard dogs. Bred as hunters, they may be brave to the point of recklessness and a bit stubborn, but their cute personality and unique appearance have won millions of hearts around the world. If you like long walks, outdoor trips and, in principle, lead an active lifestyle, then these cuties will definitely blow you away.

Dachshund - Best dog breeds for small apartments

Yorkshire terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is a compact toy-sized terrier weighing no more than 7 pounds, crowned with a silky coat. Stubborn, impudent, brave, and sometimes domineering York, shows all the features of a real terrier. Dogs of this breed are long-livers and hypo-allergenic, their hair looks more like human hair than animal fur. These dogs are very friendly and affectionate. Each Yorkie is a reflection of its owner, it can be seen in his haircut and clothes! Very often, pet parents of this breed like to dress up and comb their four-legged friend.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

The Welsh Corgi Pembroke is another ideal companion for city dwellers. They are very balanced, friendly and undemanding pets to care for. Luckily for the owner, they don’t need a haircut, trimming, or warm sweaters. Also, these cute creatures are quite indifferent to furniture, so you don’t have to worry that they will chew on something or tear up the wallpaper. Another advantage of this breed is that they are completely non-intrusive. Corgis will not harass their owners with barking, distract from your activities and demand attention. Perhaps the only drawback is the food addiction, so keep an eye on your four-legged friend, mainly, what he eats and in what quantities.


This cocky breed is a ball full of fluffy energy. Sometimes Pomeranian can be aggressive with outsiders, but these are just attempts to prove themselves. Dogs of this breed are very intelligent and well trained. These little doggies are very fond of attention, so give them enough time to learn to obey you. Of course, such doggies can shed a lot, which is not suitable for everyone, but haircuts are very popular with this breed, just like Yorkies. So if you are not a fan of walking in a house covered with your dog’s fur, then give your pet a short haircut. Since the dog itself is very miniature, it will perfectly fit into any apartment, of any size.

Pomeranian - Best dog breeds for small apartments


Pekingese are considered one of the oldest dog breeds. For many centuries, these little dogs lived at the court of the Chinese emperors and enjoyed great respect. Today, these miniature animals have perfectly adapted to city life. They are ideal for people who don’t lead an active lifestyle, since Pekingese prefer short, measured walks and do not tolerate running due to the special structure of their nasopharynx. The laziest owners can even get them used to a dog tray, then you don’t have to wake up early to take them for a walk! But their fur should be always under control, periodically cut, unless of course, you want the fur to fill your entire apartment.

Toy terrier

Dogs of this breed are fragile, miniature – great for an apartment. They can do without walks for a long time, you can also get them used to a dog tray. They are very friendly, sociable, cheerful and sincere in nature. Toy terriers get along well with all family members and are so conflict-free that both a child and an elderly can easily cope with them. These cuties do not suffer from limited space, are unpretentious in care and are very neat. It is very convenient to travel with such a breed of dogs and to take it with you in everyday life. Playful and cheerful, Toy Terrier will be a great friend for children and adults. Love, affection and a little attention are all that this doggie needs.

Which dog breed is right for you?

Do not forget that each dog is individual and its character may not coincide with what you read on the Internet or learned from friends. Choose your four-legged friend very carefully and make sure that the chosen breed will suit your home, lifestyle and temperament. You must be aware that no matter how small and unpretentious your dog is, it is still a big responsibility.

Dogs need to be fed, walked, groomed , washed and given attention to keep your dog happy and healthy. Your dog is not a toy, but a living creature. They need to be pampered, bought toys, clothes so that they do not freeze in winter, taken to the salon to be washed and groomed. Weigh the pros and cons, whether you have free time, desire and opportunity. Approach this responsibly, because once you adopt your doggie, you are responsible for it for life!

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