Are You Depriving Your Dog or Cat of Holistic Care?

Holistic medicine for your cat and dog

With our best desire at heart, we often ask if there is something that will act as a miraculous wonder drug to help our pet when he or she is unwell. Of course, the answer is not that simple. If it were, there would be no vets nor science. But, a holistic pet care approach is inevitable on the path to optimum health.

It is very rare that only one factor causes a health problem. Even when it seems that this is the case, multiple studies have shown that the hidden factor of the animal’s level of health is just as important as how bad the bug is.

There will always be at least one animal in a group of animals that does not get sick, despite being exposed to an infection. Just like us. The answer lies in a holistic pet care approach. And this is key to understanding how to keep your pet healthy.

The Importance of the Immune System

It is never one thing – the nasty virus or bacteria – there are always several factors involved. And the health of the animal always makes a difference. If you provide an environment that is appealing to germs, it is more likely that your pet will get sick. But if the environment is not suitable, there is no way that germs will inhabit it – no matter how hard they try.

Just like humans, there are many reasons why our pet’s immune system drops and consequently results in its resistance to diseases being low. Let’s address the most common reasons which should always be taken into account. You will also help your vet if you provide him with such information. This is what holistic pet care is about – taking every bit into account so you can put the puzzle together.


Your pet’s organism can become exhausted from the accumulation of toxins. The same goes for us. So, you want to bathe and brush your pet frequently to remove dirt from its fur. Ideally, you will use the least toxic methods of flea control instead of dangerous insecticides. Ideally, you will try to feed your pet with organic foods, whenever possible and reduce liver, tuna and animal fats.  Also, you should include pollution protectors in your pet’s diet, and these are vitamins A, E and of course C, along with calcium and zinc. Change its water daily and keep the bowl away from dusty areas. If you drink filter or bottled water, offer the same treatment to your pet. Also, it is a good habit for your entire household if you take off your shoes at the door.

Toxins are always a scary topic. No matter how much we try, they will still end up in our bodies and this goes for our pets too. So, assuming that this accumulation is taking place, just do your best with the above advice and use aids to encourage elimination of poisons from your pet’s body.

Emotional stress

Holistic medicine for your cat and dogTo you, your pet is one part of your world. But to your pet, you are his or her entire world. Your feelings affect the wellbeing of your pet. If you feel angry, it is likely your pet will end up being angry or fearful, as in their eyes, this is what is happening in the world.

The majority of cats and dogs form strong bonds with the people who they rely on for food, affection and home. It is why they also get in tune with our emotions, despite a few dog commands, pets respond to our emotional messages. We communicate through our posture, expression, tone of voice and that inexplicable vibe in the air. The one that changes entirely depending on how you are feeling. For example, people glow when happy. And animals, as noble and pure as they are, are shown to soak up our negative emotions to protect us. Those emotions are sadness, anger or fear.

Pets can develop health problems soon after a household crisis, such as when a loss takes place or due to loss of attention and territory, if another pet is brought into the household. Also, their health can be affected by constant feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, anger and tension.

According to Dr. Pitcairns, a household filled with arguments is the most stressful environment for a pet, which will often react with irritability or fear. Vets observed that pet illnesses often mirror those of the person they bond with, which is often the owner, but not necessarily.

Your emotions affect your pet in some way – use it for the good!

cat watching a man

Also, the owner’s negative emotion could simply aggravate the pet’s existing health problem. The animal will always feel anxiety in the air. The good news is that this functions both ways – so, a positive owner can relax and soothe her pet. A harmonious animal is a heal

thy animal, as this state fortifies its immune system.

First, do not worry if your emotional state has affected your pet’s health. Even if this is the case, you did not do it intentionally. But becoming aware of it, you should not to engage in an interaction with your pet when you are upset. Also, there are entirely natural remedies that could help your pet, as described below.

You can always go to another room to relax, or better yet – try to resolve what is bugging you in a mature manner. Then, with a fresh perspective, give your vet’s treatments a chance to work. Cooperate with her in making changes purposefully and carefully. You do not want to jump from one veterinarian or treatment to another. This will confuse your pet, and you will not give a single method the chance to work.

Underlying chronic illness

An underlying chronic illness is the surest way to exhaust the body’s natural reserves. And unfortunately, hip dysplasia and diabetes in dogs and hyperthyroid and chronic bladder infection in cats have become common nowadays and this was not the case a few decades back! They did not exist. And no one has proven why they started occurring.

But, there are facts that come to mind. A sure one is that the immune system has gone off its path – otherwise it would identify something going south. Now the question is why. Well, 20 years ago, there was no extensive use of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and vaccines. On the other hand, these inventions did a lot of good. Vaccines do a lot more good and sometimes, antibiotics are necessary. But, perhaps such an inflow of chemicals is too much for our little friends to handle.

Try to take better care of your pet and treat a minor immune system imbalance immediately, so it doesn’t take a more dangerous form that will require antibiotics and corticosteroids. And again, we must do our best to help them cope with them, by helping them eliminate toxins that burden their natural system, because very often, this is the first reason why our pets become sluggish.

Missing vital nutrients

When your pet is missing vital nutrients from food, health problems develop over time. This happens due to chemical fertilisers that make plants grow faster so they end up not having sufficient time to absorb minerals from the ground. Plants cannot fully develop and mature when they are harvested too soon. Processing and packaging food often results in losing precious vitamins and enzymes, just like with heating. And shipping and long-shelf life storage destroys the rest.

So, it is very important to cater to your pet’s nutritious needs when choosing its food. The best is to consult your vet. But the key player is you. You have to observe your pet daily to see the impact of each supplement. For example, both cats and dogs generally benefit from healthy fats such as omega 3s and 6s, which are not only good for their coat but are natural antioxidants, something that all of us need.

Herbal Medicine

First to emphasise, this is not an opposing view to traditional or better said, contemporary medicine. When ill, wild animals use herbs instinctively to stimulate healing. In fact, many of our modern pharmaceutical drugs are actually active compounds isolated from herbs. A simple example being caffeine from coffee.

Holistic medicine for your dog and catThere are many ways you can use herbal medicines as your first aid kit to help your pet and also support the treatment of various ailments that the vet has prescribed. Also, you can use herbal remedies to soothe the above mentioned emotional states. A holistic approach is more likely to solve your pet’s problem as opposed to a partial perspective. For example, this approach will not only treat a cat’s thyroid issue, it will also find a way to support the whole body. It will aim to awaken its natural systems to fight against the disease. The whole, this synergy, is always more than the mere sum of its individual parts.

For your pet to be in optimum health, it can never hurt to stimulate its own defence and healing system. After all, this system is dealing with a lot more pressure due to our hectic living. So, it is our responsibility to protect our pets from these negative factors. And nature is always there to provide a helping hand.

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