Best Things to Buy for Your New Dog on a Bigger Budget

When you’re bringing home a new dog, there are quite a few things you’ll need to get to make your home just right for them. Dogs don’t have a lot of big needs, but there is some equipment that will make things easier for them in the transition. If you’re working on a bigger budget, then you have a lot more options. You can make sure you’re completely setting your dog up with everything they could possibly need.

Best Things to Buy for Your Dog on a Bigger Budget

Just because you’re working on a bigger budget, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to look for quality though. Finding things that are built to last is still important when you’re buying everything that your dog needs. These are some recommendations for the best things to buy for your dog on a bigger budget.

Everything You’ll Need for a New Dog on a Bigger Budget


One of the most important things you’ll need to buy for a new dog is their food! If you’re working with a bigger budget, then you can really push the boat out. For a dog, it is important to try and get them nutritious foods. These should be foods that provide them will all of the nutrients that they need, while cutting down on filler. Filler in dog food is the ingredients included to ‘bulk’ it out. These don’t add any flavor or nutrients to the dog food, they just help fill up a bag cheaper than the good stuff. When you’re looking for the best dog food, it is a good idea to avoid those with a lot of filler. These are some recommendations:

  • Puppy FoodThis puppy food is rich in the minerals and antioxidants that your dog is going to need. It is also pretty good value.
  • Breed Specific Food – One choice on a higher budget for an adult dog is to go for breed-specific foods. These are foods that are formulated for the specific health needs of a breed of dog. Royale Canine and Eukanuba are both good choices for breed-exclusive foods. You’ll need to find the exact food your pet, like this brand for a Yorkshire Terrier, this for a Labrador, or this for a Cocker


Best Things to Buy for Your Dog on a Bigger Budget

While food is your dog’s main diet, treats every now and again are important too. Treats need to be used as a reward for your dog as well as to help you train them. Some treats can also be good for keeping your dog’s oral hygiene in check or giving them something to chew on when they’re teething. These are some recommendations for dog treats:

  • Teething Dog Chews – These are great choices for dog chews that you can give to a puppy while they’re teething. This is still a treat so you shouldn’t use them all day, but they are rich in protein and calcium so this helps your puppy ease their teething pain without being too bad for them.
  • Training Treats – For training treats, you want something that is going to be a decent motivator for your dog. Although, also something that will be healthy for them. These training treats fit the bill and it is a nice variety of different flavors.
  • Bigger Treats – A treat for your dog just to eat as an occasional snack can be a lot of different things. This might depend on what your dog seems to prefer to eat. These are some chicken flavored sticks or something like this dog-friendly peanut butter could be a fun treat.
  • Dental Treats – These are a good choice for treats that help take care of your dog’s mouth!


Best Things to Buy for Your Dog on a Bigger Budget

A dog bowl is a pretty basic supply that you’re going to need, but your budget doesn’t have a huge impact here. There’s isn’t much difference between a nice dog bowl on a low budget and one on a big budget! You have the same requirements. Non-plastic material is better since it is scratch resistant, and scratches can breed bacteria. You also want something easy enough to wash. On a bigger budget though, you can go a bit further. These are some recommendations:

  • Ceramic Dog Bowls – A ceramic dog bowl is a great choice for a water and food bowl. They’re hardy, hygienic, and pretty easy to wash.
  • Stainless Steel Bowls – These are a good alternative to ceramic dog bowls. They’re harder to break than ceramic.
  • Raised Dog Bowls – Raised dog bowls are tables that stand a little off the ground to make your dog more comfortable while they’re eating! You’ll need a different sized one depending on your breed of dog though. This one is slightly lower down so you can use it for smaller or medium breeds of dogs. This one is a bit taller for a bigger dog.


Best Things to Buy for Your Dog on a Bigger Budget

All dogs like to play, whether they’re puppies or older dogs. With a new dog, you’ll have to see what kind of toys they like to play with. Although, on a bigger budget, you can provide quite the variety of toys to your pet. These are some toys you can get for your pet on a bigger budget:

  • Ball– A lot of dogs like to have a ball that they can play fetch with. On a bigger budget, you still have the same options for a basic ball as any other budget. You can go a bit further though. An automatic ball thrower like this can automate the whole process, so your dog always has the option of playing fetch.
  • Chew Toys – These are a great choice for puppies who are teething, but they also work well for adult dogs who like to chew on their toys rather than run around. These bones should last even a vicious chewer quite a while. These are specifically for a teething puppy, which is helpful.
  • Rope Toys – Rope toys can be great for active play between you and your dog. You can play tug of wall, or let them chase and jump on it. These are some good choices.
  • Soft Toys – Some dogs enjoy hunting down soft toys and pulling them around. While some dogs are too rough, others can have a lot of fun this way. On a bigger budget, you could go for something like this. It includes a tree to stuff the toys into which is a fun activity for your dog.
  • Automatic Dog Toys – Sometimes, you’re not going to be free to play with your dog yourself. In these occasions, you could get an automatic dog toy that helps your dog stay entertained. This toy will squeak and attract your dog’s attention by itself, keeping them busy.


Best Things to Buy for Your Dog on a Bigger Budget

Dog beds are a necessity for every size and shape on canine. When you’re working with a bigger budget, you can go even further to make sure that your dog has what they need to be comfortable. You have more options, like orthopedic dog beds or even raised dog beds. You could also get a separate bed for a puppy than an adult dog, to make sure they always have something that is their size. These are some recommendations:

  • Puppy Bed – This is a soft and cozy puppy bed. It features a reversible cushion so you can decide which kind of look is right for the bed. Even the fussiest puppy will be comfortable here.
  • Orthopedic Dog Bed – This is an orthopedic dog bed, which is designed to relieve pressure on your dog’s spine and joints. This helps them stay comfortable and healthy. This particular one was a washable cover to help with odors and is available in different sizes.
  • Raised Dog – A raised dog bed elevates your dog from the ground. This has the benefit of keeping them cool and comfy. It is almost akin to a doggy mattress. This is a good raised dog bed, and this can be complemented with an extra bit of comfort like this cushion.

Leash and Harness

A leash and harness are going to be important once your dog is old enough to go on walks! These keep your dog under control, and buying the wrong one can cause problems. A badly made leash and harness can make it difficult to train your dog to behave well on walks and allow them to pull you as they walk. These are some recommendations for ones that cut down on these problems:

  • Leash – A bigger budget doesn’t make too much of a difference with a leash since it is essentially just a strap. However, a nylon leash like this is sturdy and will cut down on pulling. It also isn’t going to snap, and can help you rein your dog in.
  • Extendable Leash – If you want an extendable lead for your dog then one like this is going to work fine. These are good for older dogs, but they can encourage puppies to pull since they’re not yet used to walking.
  • Harness – A solid harness like this one is on the more expensive end, but it is secure, safe, and comfortable. This kind of harness makes it very difficult for a dog to pull or get out of control, which is great for keeping safe on walks.

Everything You Need to Bring Home a New Dog 

Best Things to Buy for Your Dog on a Bigger Budget

Everything that you need to bring home a new dog can be gotten on a lower budget. However, when you’re working with a bigger budget then you can really push the boat out. Those are some recommendations for the best things to buy for a dog that still have a high quality. Just because you’re spending a bit more, it doesn’t mean you don’t still need to look for the best products that are built to last. With all of this, your home should be completely kitted out for the arrival of a new dog.

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