Best Things to Buy for Your New Cat on a Medium Budget

When you’re preparing your home for a new kitten or cat, there is a lot that you need to think about. Your cat is going to need supplies to make your house a home for them. Whether it is an adult cat or a kitten, they’ll need equipment, toys, and even bedding or furniture to get things prepared for them. It is possible to get all of this stuff on a budget. However, if you have a little more to spend, you can really set your cat up and get everything you’re going to need. Only a bit more money in your budget can go a lot further for preparing everything for your pet.

Best things to buy for a cat on a medium budget

It shouldn’t take too long to find everything that you’re going to need for your new cat. Stepping up from a low budget to a medium though does make some differences. You can go for a litter box which is better for holding in smells compared with a low budget one. More toys can be gotten which can give your kitten something more to play with. Some other items you can find a higher quality for only a small increase in price too.

With all of that in mind, this is a list of things that you’ll need to get for a new cat on a medium budget. This is everything you’ll need for an adult cat, or for a kitten.

The Best Things to Buy for a New Cat on a Medium Budget

Cat Food

Your cat is going to need food to eat. This is actually a bit more complicated than just picking up whatever food you find. There are a few things you need to keep in mind. The first is that a new cat needs to be fed the same food when they first come home as they previously ate. You can use the same food that they’ve been eating previously, then start to mix it into their new food to transition them.

Beyond that, the eventual food that you buy needs to be something healthy for them. For kittens, they need something that is suitable for them and will help them grow. A good brand for this is Hills Science Plan. This is food that can suit a medium budget when you buy it in bulk. It is pretty healthy for a kitten and you can be sure your food is helping them develop properly.

For adult cat food, you’ve got to the same concerns. Ideally, the cat food should be something fairly natural and with a high protein content. If you have a medium budget, then you have a lot of choices here. Two good choices are Applaws for dry food or Lily’s Kitchen for wet food.

Food and Water Bowls

Food is an essential thing you need to buy for a new cat, and so is something to actually serve it out of! Most cats don’t get fed from regular plates or bowls. If you have a low or medium budget to work with, you can get a high-quality cat bowl pretty easily. There are a few things to think about though. Both really come down to safety and quality, then there is the aesthetics.

In terms of safety, you should avoid plastic bowls. These are probably the most common type, cheap, thin plastic that you’ll find at pet stores. These types of bowls can actually be quite problematic. They are easy to scratch up just by eating since they are made from low quality plastic. These grooves then become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. On top of this, plastic is quite flimsy so it can break easily. It’s better to go for a ceramic bowl. These don’t have any safety or hygiene issues.

You also have to think about the quality and aesthetics. Get a bowl that will look nice, since it is going to put be on display for the rest of your cat’s life! These simple ceramic bowls are of a high quality, won’t be a safety hazard, and they look good too. This is one area where budget doesn’t factor in too much, a great cat bowl is available at a low cost and there isn’t much benefit to going any higher.

Litter Box

Most cats are going to come into your home with a good idea of how to use a litter box already. It is something that most cats pick up on from their parents or just because it is natural to them. However, you have a lot of choices with a litter box. If you have a medium budget and you’re spending a bit more, you have more options. You could go with a standard litter box, but there are some different types that might make dealing with things a bit easier.

One option on a medium budget is to go for a covered litter box. These are box set-ups where your cat can enter, do their business, and leave. The roof and enclosure around the box will keep the smells contained a lot better than a standard box would. Ones like this are a great option if you want a good quality product without breaking the bank.

If you’re going to keep your litter box out of the way, then a standard large box like this is still a good option.


Your cat’s litter box has an important job, but so does the litter itself. Clay-based litter can be really bad for your cat, and some types just don’t do a good job of keeping the smells absorbed. This is an important thing to buy for your cat, but also something that you might have to change. It can be a delicate matter for most cats, and they often prefer a specific type of litter. They might be resistant to using their box if you use the wrong type.

When you first bring a cat home, go for smaller packages of litter to make sure that they like to use that type. This saves you from having to waste a lot if your cat isn’t keen on your choice.

A recyclable wood or paper-based litter is absorbent and it avoids the ecological impact that you’ll find with some other types. This is a type that is very affordable on a medium budget. You also have other options like this, which will also do a good job but has a different consistency if your cat prefers it.


Best things to buy for a cat on a medium budget

Toys are essential when bringing home a new cat or kitten. Just like dogs, cats need something to play with and keep them entertained throughout the day. These are some recommendations for toys for when you bring a new cat or kitten home:

  • Things To Play With Together – Toys that you can play together with your cat or kitten are an important thing. A cat teaser that dangles something for your cat to chase and pounce on can be fun. Toys that can move on their own can be fun too.
  • Things to Keep Them Busy Alone – If you’re going to be out of the house, then your cat needs an option to play with something when they’re alone! A kong is a great toy for this. You fill it with treats and your cat bats it around to get them out.
  • Other Toys – On top of these toys, you can look at toys with catnip inside as an idea. If your cat enjoys catnip, then these can be fun for them.


cat sleeping in a cat bed

A cat is going to need their own bed, even if they enjoy sleeping on your lap! You can get a good quality cat bed on a low budget. However, if you’re on a medium budget with a bit more to spend then you can get a great bed for your cat.

You have a lot of choices for a cat bed. You can get a large very comfy cushion like this. If your cat prefers something a bit more snug, then you can go for a covered cat bed like this. Either would be a great choice and suit a medium budget.

Scratching Post or Cat Furniture

cat sitting on top of a cat tree with a scratching post

As well as toys, your cat is going to be happier with a scratching post. If you’re on a medium budget, you might be able to get a full cat tree instead of a scratching post too. Somewhere to scratch is essential for your pet to keep their claws in good condition. If you don’t have one, they’ll make their own scratching post somewhere else!

If you’re just looking for a scratching post, then you don’t need anything fancy. Something like this is going to work great. If you’re looking for a bigger cat tree then you can still get something on a medium budget.  This cat tree gives you a lot for your budget. It has places to scratch, things to play with, a place to sleep, and a high spot to climb up to.

Everything Else

Those are all of the basic supplies that you’ll need to bring a new cat home. There are some extra things though. You’ll need a basic cat carrier to take them out and around, like going to vet visits. You can get one of these on a medium budget pretty easily, something like this would be fine. With all of that, you should be set to bring your new cat home and have everything that you need.

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