Cat Activities: How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Healthy

exercise for your indoor cat to keep her healthy

There are many benefits to keeping your cat as an indoor cat, from protecting wildlife through to keeping them safe from the area that you live in. However, living their life indoors isn’t all smooth sailing for a cat. Cats need quite a bit of exercise with their protein-heavy diet. Boredom can also be a […]

Top 5 Flushable Cat Litter

Does My Cat Stink

When it comes to having a cat, no owner’s favourite part is cleaning up the litter. Cats are great companions for adults or even children, but like all animals there are obligations. Caring for a pet means putting up with some things that are a little messy. Clean-up doesn’t have to be a hassle though. […]

The Best Cat Toys

Best Cat Toys

Cat toys can be the main source of entertainment for your pet. If you get the right ones, a good set of cat toys can give your cat stimulation, exercise, entertainment, and fun. However, there is no shortage of products on the market. Cat toys come in all shapes and sizes with an infinitive range […]

How to Keep a Clean Home When You Have a Cat

Does My Cat Stink

Most people love a house with a pet in it. A few sets of little paws running around can make everyone feel at home. However, they also bring with them some other concerns. A big one is the smell. When you’re having visitors that have pets allergies, it can be a worry. Many pet owners […]

Cat Health Insurance – What you Need to Know

Cat Health Insurance

Insurance. It is hardly the most exciting topic, in fact most people would probably say it’s one of the most boring. Although, despite it being a boring task, having cat health insurance is something you should be thinking about. Cat insurance is small monthly cost. However, over the course of your cat’s life span you […]

Guide to Training Your Cat to Walk on a Leash

how to train your cat to walk on a leash

Getting out of the house for a walk is a great way to bond with your pet. However, it isn’t just dogs who can join in on the fun. Cats can also learn to walk with a leash. This can be a great way to get some exercise for you and your cat. It can […]

Find Out Why Your Cat Is Following You Everywhere

Toys For Adult Cats

Most kittens really enjoy a big play session with their owners. Kittens are full of energy, and they rely on you to give them toys to keep active. Older cats typically spend more time sleeping! However, this doesn’t mean that your adult cat doesn’t like to play. Keeping up regular exercise is vital to your […]

Traveling with Cats – What You Need to Make It Go Smoothly

travel cat bag

Traveling with pets is always a bit of a hassle, but traveling with cats is something else entirely. Most cats are creatures of comfort, they like their homes and like to be in places that they know. However, just because they’re not natural seekers of travel, it doesn’t mean you can’t travel with a cat. […]

Cat Furniture – scratching posts, cat trees and cat perches

two persian cats on a cat tower

Most cats love to play around on cat furniture. Between cat trees, scratching posts, perches, and any other furniture-bed-toy-hybrids you can think of, it is easy to let your home become slightly overwhelmed with cat furniture. If you’re not careful, your cat will have more places to sit than you will! You can get the […]

Proper Cat Dental Care: How to Clean Your Cat’s Teeth

cat holding a toothbrush

Most people visit their dentists every six months and keep up with regular check-ups, but few of us give as much care to our cat’s teeth. A cat’s teeth do need cleaning too! Dental care for cats is often neglected. The symptoms of poor dental hygiene in a cat are less obvious than in a […]

Cat Math: Find Out the Cost of Owning a Cat

cute little kitten

Sometimes potential owners can be worried about the cost of owning a cat when considering bringing a new furry friend home by the cost of owning a cat. When deciding which pet to get, there is a lot to consider. If you can afford that pet is definitely one of these factors. You need to know […]

How to Have a Pet and a Clean House: It’s Possible to Have Both!

black dog running through a puddle

Between shedding hair and the general destruction an excitable pet can cause, it can often seem like the choice is between having a pet and a clean house! It doesn’t have to be this way. There is plenty you can do to have a pet and a clean house! Keeping clean with a pet is […]

How to Live with Cat Allergies

little kitten smelling daisies

Cat allergies are very common; people are considerably more likely to be allergic to a cat than a dog. This doesn’t always come as the best news. You could be set on bringing a cat into your life. You’ve prepared your home for a pet, decided which breed you’d want, and even if you’re going […]

Adopt a Cat – Is It Right For You?

shelter rescue cat

Most people looking to get a cat for their home have kittens burnt into the brain! Yeah, they’re pretty cute. However, you should consider whether adoption is a good route for you. Even if you’re set on a kitten, you can adopt a cat just as easily as purchasing one. If you’re open to an older […]

Cat Proofing Your Home: how to keep your cat and your home safe

cat hanging on a metal gate

Bringing a new kitten or cat can home is an exciting time. Getting to know your new pet and easing them into their new life can be difficult though. As well as preparing for the arrival of your new cat by ensuring you have everything that they need, you also need to cat proof your […]

Caring for Cats In The Summer – Staying Safe in the Sun

Caring for Cats in The Summer

For most, news of an incoming heatwave means nothing but fun. However, it isn’t a welcome turn for everyone, sometimes the extra heat is a bit of a burden. Pets have trouble keeping hydrated and comfortable in the heat, even cats need some extra care to stay happy and safe in the summer sun. There […]

Caring for A Kitten – Giving Your Pet the Best Start

a basket full of kittens

Caring for a new kitten can be a complicated task, even choosing which kitten to bring home is a big decision. A new kitten isn’t all playing and cuddles, this new pet is your responsibility. You need to look after their health, their diet, and their entertainment. There is a lot to consider in the […]

Choosing the Best Cat Litter Box: Which is Right for You?

kittens in a cat litter tray

A litter box is typically one of the first purchases a new cat owner makes. Your first concern tends to be feeding them and dealing with what they do with that food. As an essential purchase, most cat owners don’t tend to overthink it. They go for a simple tray. Sure, cats like these trays […]

The Advantages of Having an Indoor Cat (the birds will thank you!)

Mishi pets - cat hunting birds

Cats don’t have to be wild animals. While many people think that cats should be outside most of the day with the freedom to roam, there are quite a few advantages of having an indoor cat. They need a little more work and attention than their independent counterparts, but this is a trade-off for safety […]

Cat Home Alone: Does My Cat Miss Me?

lonely cat waiting for owner

As much as we might try, we can’t always be around for our pets. At one point or another, even the most devoted cat owner has to leave their furry friend alone. Despite their popular image as solitary animals, cats do enjoy our company and notice when we’re gone. A lot of cat owners then […]