Labrador Retriever

dog labrador retriever

Physical traits Labradors are dogs of medium size with a muscular build. Their neck is strong, and the chest is broad and thick. Depending on the sub-breed, the physique of the Labrador varies. English Labradors have a more extensive constitution and shorter legs. The American sub-breed have an athletic build, as they are taller and […]

The Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

senior older woman and a dog

Dogs make great pets and companions for people of all ages, and age shouldn’t be a disqualifying factor in getting a dog. However, not all dogs are suitable for everyone. There are some dog breeds that are just better for elderly people. Some breeds have a particular balance of energy needs and temperament which make […]

The Best Dog Breeds for Children and Babies

Adopting a new dog is a fun process, but the biggest decision you have to make is which dog breed is for you. Everyone has preferences, like a big dog over a small dog, or a certain look for the dog! One big question for many though is how the dog will be with children […]

The Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

The Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Our dogs aren’t just cute pets, they can also be great company that seem to show real signs of intelligence. Most dog lovers can probably pinpoint a few things their pet does that makes them stand out as very intelligent. Because of this, it is easy to assume that our dogs are definitely some of […]

9 Healthiest Dog Breeds with the fewest health problems

dog with a bandana

Dog breeds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. No matter how your dog looks though, we want it to have the longest and healthiest life possible. A lot of this can be achieved with a healthy lifestyle and the right care, but some dogs have an advantage. Not every dog breed is equal […]

Choosing the Right Dog: Which Dog Breed Is Perfect for You?

golden retriever dog breed

Getting a dog is a nothing less than getting a new family member. So you want to make sure that you made the perfect choice, for the sake of both. Having a dog has so many proven health benefits, but choosing the right dog breed can make or break that deal. If you choose a […]