The Best Cat Breeds for Seniors  

Cat Breeds for Seniors

A cat can make a great companion and loving pet for just about anyone that’s willing to have one. They can make particularly great pets for older people and seniors. A cat can be great company, help you stay active, and develop a special bond. When it comes to choosing a cat though, you have […]

The Best Cat Breeds for Children or Babies

best cat breeds for children and babies

Owning a pet can be a great thing for children. If you get this pet while they’re still a baby, they even get to grow up alongside it. Studies have found that children who have pets learn more about empathy and the world around them. This is a great tool to give your children. On […]

The Most Intelligent Cat Breeds

Most Intelligent Cat Breeds

Every cat owner thinks their pet is one of the smartest! They all have their little quirks and habits that convince us they’re really thinking things through on a higher level. Cats in general are quite intelligent animals. However, as smart as our cats might be, there are some breeds of cat that are more […]

Why is My Cat Following Me Everywhere?

cat is following me around everywhere

Everyone loves spending some time with their cat, but sometimes they don’t know when enough is enough. Despite their reputation as solitary animals, you can end up with a cat following you room to room like it’s your shadow. It is strange behavior, and it can be easy to wonder why. You might think it […]

Cat Activities: How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Healthy

exercise for your indoor cat to keep her healthy

There are many benefits to keeping your cat as an indoor cat, from protecting wildlife through to keeping them safe from the area that you live in. However, living their life indoors isn’t all smooth sailing for a cat. Cats need quite a bit of exercise with their protein-heavy diet. Boredom can also be a […]

Reasons Why Your Cat Is Drooling

Cat first aid

Cats can be playful characters. However, sometimes their exploration and climbing can lead to accidents. A cat can get themselves hurt at home or outside. The first instinct of any cat owner is to head over to the vet. However, a vet trip isn’t always necessary. In a lot of situations, you can easily treat […]

How to Walk A Cat on a Leash

Train your cat to walk on a leash

There are many benefits to raising your pet as an indoor cat. However, it can limit your cat’s experiences. A lot of owners of indoor cats can feel a little guilty that their pet doesn’t get too much time outside. Even with windows and catios, you might want to give your cat a little more […]

Reasons why your Cat is Drooling

why is my cat drooling

Most cat owners rarely, if ever, see their cat drooling. They aren’t the type of animal to start salivating viciously while imaging chewing on some food. This is why it can be concerning when you suddenly see your cat has started to drool. Drooling can actually be a sign of a serious problem with a […]

Dental Problems with Cats and How to Prevent Them

Preventing cat dental problems

Even the healthiest breeds of cats can get health problems from time to time. A problem with our cat’s health can be really worrying too. It is never nice to see a pet sick, and they usually can’t communicate the pain. Often this makes it hard to know what is to blame, and dental problems […]

Top 5 Flushable Cat Litter

Does My Cat Stink

When it comes to having a cat, no owner’s favourite part is cleaning up the litter. Cats are great companions for adults or even children, but like all animals there are obligations. Caring for a pet means putting up with some things that are a little messy. Clean-up doesn’t have to be a hassle though. […]

How to Persuade Your Family to Get a Cat

best cat breeds for children and babies

So, you want to get a cat but some other people might not be on board with this. It’s a common problem. You’ve picked out a breed, a name, a bowl, and everything else you need, but you’ve got others around you dragging their feet. Getting a new pet isn’t just up to you. If […]

The Best Cat Toys

Best Cat Toys

Cat toys can be the main source of entertainment for your pet. If you get the right ones, a good set of cat toys can give your cat stimulation, exercise, entertainment, and fun. However, there is no shortage of products on the market. Cat toys come in all shapes and sizes with an infinitive range […]

How to Keep a Clean Home When You Have a Cat

Does My Cat Stink

Most people love a house with a pet in it. A few sets of little paws running around can make everyone feel at home. However, they also bring with them some other concerns. A big one is the smell. When you’re having visitors that have pets allergies, it can be a worry. Many pet owners […]

Cat Health Insurance – What you Need to Know

Cat Health Insurance

Insurance. It is hardly the most exciting topic, in fact most people would probably say it’s one of the most boring. Although, despite it being a boring task, having cat health insurance is something you should be thinking about. Cat insurance is small monthly cost. However, over the course of your cat’s life span you […]

Guide to Training Your Cat to Walk on a Leash

how to train your cat to walk on a leash

Getting out of the house for a walk is a great way to bond with your pet. However, it isn’t just dogs who can join in on the fun. Cats can also learn to walk with a leash. This can be a great way to get some exercise for you and your cat. It can […]

What to Do When Your Cat Is Not Eating

Cat Stopped Eating

When it comes to mealtimes, most pet owners don’t often have many worries about undereating! Many pets will happily wolf down their food, sometimes to the point of it becoming a problem. If you’re using a healthy brand of cat food this can all go quite smoothly. However, sometimes our cats can stop eating. This […]

6 Healthiest Cat Breeds With the Fewest Health Problems

Healthiest Cats breeds

Cats make loving and compassionate companions, and some cats can live a very very long time! Cats can routinely live beyond two decades, with some even getting much further up there. The current world record holder for the oldest cat was a Burmese, who achieved a lifespan of 35 years! Most cats aren’t going to […]

Find Out Why Your Cat Is Following You Everywhere

Toys For Adult Cats

Most kittens really enjoy a big play session with their owners. Kittens are full of energy, and they rely on you to give them toys to keep active. Older cats typically spend more time sleeping! However, this doesn’t mean that your adult cat doesn’t like to play. Keeping up regular exercise is vital to your […]

Traveling with Cats – What You Need to Make It Go Smoothly

travel cat bag

Traveling with pets is always a bit of a hassle, but traveling with cats is something else entirely. Most cats are creatures of comfort, they like their homes and like to be in places that they know. However, just because they’re not natural seekers of travel, it doesn’t mean you can’t travel with a cat. […]

Learn How to Choose the Best Cat Toys for Your New Kitten

toys for kitten

Bringing a new kitten home is an exciting time. Kittens are energetic and mischievous, so you’ll need to play with them to keep them entertained. Getting the right toys for a new kitten gives them something to play with and encourages activity. Playing also forms a vital part of your kitten’s development. It helps them […]