The Best Cat Breeds for Seniors  

Cat Breeds for Seniors

A cat can make a great companion and loving pet for just about anyone that’s willing to have one. They can make particularly great pets for older people and seniors. A cat can be great company, help you stay active, and develop a special bond. When it comes to choosing a cat though, you have […]

How to Persuade Your Family to Get a Cat

best cat breeds for children and babies

So, you want to get a cat but some other people might not be on board with this. It’s a common problem. You’ve picked out a breed, a name, a bowl, and everything else you need, but you’ve got others around you dragging their feet. Getting a new pet isn’t just up to you. If […]

The Best Cat Toys

Best Cat Toys

Cat toys can be the main source of entertainment for your pet. If you get the right ones, a good set of cat toys can give your cat stimulation, exercise, entertainment, and fun. However, there is no shortage of products on the market. Cat toys come in all shapes and sizes with an infinitive range […]

Learn How to Choose the Best Cat Toys for Your New Kitten

toys for kitten

Bringing a new kitten home is an exciting time. Kittens are energetic and mischievous, so you’ll need to play with them to keep them entertained. Getting the right toys for a new kitten gives them something to play with and encourages activity. Playing also forms a vital part of your kitten’s development. It helps them […]

Cat Math: Find Out the Cost of Owning a Cat

cute little kitten

Sometimes potential owners can be worried about the cost of owning a cat when considering bringing a new furry friend home by the cost of owning a cat. When deciding which pet to get, there is a lot to consider. If you can afford that pet is definitely one of these factors. You need to know […]

How to Live with Cat Allergies

little kitten smelling daisies

Cat allergies are very common; people are considerably more likely to be allergic to a cat than a dog. This doesn’t always come as the best news. You could be set on bringing a cat into your life. You’ve prepared your home for a pet, decided which breed you’d want, and even if you’re going […]

Adopt a Cat – Is It Right For You?

shelter rescue cat

Most people looking to get a cat for their home have kittens burnt into the brain! Yeah, they’re pretty cute. However, you should consider whether adoption is a good route for you. Even if you’re set on a kitten, you can adopt a cat just as easily as purchasing one. If you’re open to an older […]

Caring for A Kitten – Giving Your Pet the Best Start

a basket full of kittens

Caring for a new kitten can be a complicated task, even choosing which kitten to bring home is a big decision. A new kitten isn’t all playing and cuddles, this new pet is your responsibility. You need to look after their health, their diet, and their entertainment. There is a lot to consider in the […]

What Pet Should I Get: “Camp Cat”

norwegian forest cat

Deciding what pet you should get is a difficult task. Studies have found that pet owners enjoy a number of health benefits, as well as the obvious companionship of having an animal around. Cats are some of the most loved pets and we’ll show you the key considerations to help you decide if you want […]

Kitten Food – 4 High Quality Foods to Suit Every Budget

kitten eating kitten food in a bowl

When most new owners first bring home their new pet, they’ve prepared for everything. They’ve picked which breed is right for them, have a home set up for their new kitten, toys, and maybe a leash. Often though, the kitten food is just whatever the supermarket happened to be selling. This is the most convenient, and […]

The Advantages of Having an Indoor Cat (the birds will thank you!)

Mishi pets - cat hunting birds

Cats don’t have to be wild animals. While many people think that cats should be outside most of the day with the freedom to roam, there are quite a few advantages of having an indoor cat. They need a little more work and attention than their independent counterparts, but this is a trade-off for safety […]

What to Buy for Your New Cat: The Essential Cat Products

Cat in a bicycle basket

There are few things as exciting as planning to welcome a new kitten into your household. Here we want to help you prepare so your pet has all the essential cat products. Once you have those sorted out you are ready to be a cat parent! Bringing home a new cat is an exciting and […]

A Match Made in Heaven: Finding The Right Cat for You

Finding The Right Cat For You

Finding the right cat for you can be tricky. Once you’ve decided if you want a mixed or pure breed cat, there are still a lot of choices. Each lifestyle brings with it a certain set of circumstances that has to influence which cat is right for you. You might be tempted to just pick […]

Pure Breed or Mixed Breed Cats: Which is Right for You?

grey cat with blue eyes

There are a lot of factors to consider when picking up a new pet. They are going to be a major part of your family, so it’s important to make the right choice. When you’re buying a cat, the first question you’re faced with is do you want a pure breed or mixed breed cat? […]

Can Cats and Dogs Live Together?

Puppy and kitten cuddling

Cats and dogs don’t have to be at each other’s throats all the time. Contrary to what cartoons have taught us, the two species can live in harmony. If you do your research before you throw them together, have a lot of patience, and you’re willing to put some work into it, then your cat […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Pet

puppy and kitten living together

Despite vicious battles between dog and cat owners, one thing is certain – everyone’s better off having a pet. Or better said, loving a pet. But, getting a pet is a decision that requires a great deal of maturity, just like when deciding on starting a family. A pet will be a lovely addition to […]

Best Things to Buy for Your Cat on a Bigger Budget

Getting everything ready for a new cat or kitten to come home can be a big job. Whether you’re on a small budget or you have a bigger budget to spend, there’s a lot of decisions to make. You need food, litter, toys, and even a scratching post or furniture for them to play on. […]

Best Things to Buy for a New Cat – Medium Budget

When you’re preparing your home for a new kitten or cat, there is a lot that you need to think about. Your cat is going to need supplies to make your house a home for them. Whether it is an adult cat or a kitten, they’ll need equipment, toys, and even bedding or furniture to […]

Best Things to Buy for Your New Cat on a Budget

Bringing home a new kitten or cat can be exciting, but there is a bit of prep work required. There are some things that you’re going to need to buy for your new cat when you get them home or even before. Thankfully though, this list can be done pretty easily on a budget. Most […]