Best Things to Buy for Your New Dog on a Medium Budget

A new dog can be an exciting and fun presence in a home. However, they don’t come with everything that they’ll need! When you’re bringing a new dog home, there are quite a few things you’ll need to buy to make your house into a home for your new pet. You can get all of this stuff on a low budget, but if you have even just a bit more of a budget then you can get some things of a higher quality.

dog food bowl for your new puppy

This is everything that you’re going to need to buy for a new dog and the best options for you on a medium budget. You can get everything for your dog, but with a bigger budget, you can make sure that what you’re getting is going to last a while.

Everything You’ll Need for a New Dog on a Medium Budget


The first thing you’ll likely need to pick up for your dog is some food for them to eat! Whether you’re getting a puppy or an adult dog, your pet is going to need a specific food to keep them happy and healthy. Puppy foods are slightly different as younger dogs have different dietary needs. Adult dogs have their own needs too, and often you can get breed-specific food or food specific to their size. Even though you have a budget to work with, buying in bulk can still give you a lot better value than buying individual bags. These are some recommendations for the food to get for puppies and adult dogs on a medium budget:

  • Lily’s Kitchen Puppy Food – This type of puppy food is beneficial as it keeps to natural ingredients. There aren’t any unnecessary filler ingredients, which are there to bulk up a food without giving any nutritional benefit. This is a great puppy food on a medium budget.
  • Barking Heads Small Dog Food – This Barking Heads small dog food is a great choice if your dog is on the smaller size. It’s made from natural ingredients with plenty of protein, but it is formulated to help smaller dogs develop in a healthy way. The pieces are also smaller and more manageable for little mouths!
  • Arden Grange Large Dog Food – This is food formulated for dogs who are a bit bigger, they have different needs given their larger sizes. This food is made from Chicken and rice, so there should be little in here that your dog won’t get a benefit from eating.


dog bone toy for your new puppy

Food is an important thing for your dog, but so are some treats every now and again! With treats, you don’t have to go for things that are tasteless just to keep things healthy. There are plenty of dog treats that they’ll enjoy having but aren’t really bad for them. There are a few different types of treats you could look at getting for your dog:

  • Training Treats – You’re going to need training treats to use as a reward when training your new dog. These should be small to be a little reward, healthy, and tasty enough to motivate them while training. These treats here fit the bill and won’t break your budget.
  • Larger Treats – If you’re on a medium budget, then you can look at getting some bigger treats than those for training. These can just be used as an actual treat for your dog. These are some good ones. They take a while for a dog to eat since they’re chewy.
  • Dental Treats – Dental treats are a great way to keep your dog’s teeth in good condition while giving them something that they’ll enjoy. These are some good treats for doing that.


dog bowl for new puppy

On top of your actual food, the dog is going to need something to eat and drink from! The choice for bowls is pretty similar no matter what budget you’re working with. Bowls should be built to last and made from a material that won’t scratch. That’s for hygiene reasons since scratched plastic can let bacteria fester. There are some other factors to think about with dog bowls too. These are some choices for on a medium budget:

  • Ceramic Dog Bowls – A ceramic dog bowl is a good choice for any dog since they’re quite hygienic. They’re resistant to scratches and a good one is built to last. These are a solid choice that’ll suit a medium budget.
  • Stainless Steel Bowls – Stainless steel dog bowls offer many of the same advantages that come with a ceramic bowl. They’re often larger too, which is great for a bigger breed of dogs. These are some simple stainless steel bowls that work great.


dog toy for new puppy

No matter what budget you’re on, a dog is going to need some toys to play with. This is a slightly more difficult one to buy in advance though. A lot of dogs will like to play in a certain way, and you’ll have to see what type of toys they enjoy once you bring them home. Before that though, it is a good idea to get a variety of different types of toys for them. This will help you figure out what type of toys they enjoy and which aren’t going to be suitable in the future! These are some good choices on a medium budget:

  • Ball – A ball to chase and fetch is pretty much a must for bringing a dog home. You don’t need to push the boat out though, simple balls for them to chase are fine. If you’re getting a puppy or a smaller dog then something small like this is a good choice, and a bigger one might be better for a larger dog.
  • Chew Toys – A lot of dogs enjoy chewing on their tools to play with them. These can come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. A good choice would be a soft but tough toy like this and one that is harder like this. If your dog destroys the softer one then the hard one might be a better choice for them. Teething chews like these are also great for young puppies.
  • Rope – A rope toy can be a good choice for your dog to play with. Things like this are great for playing tug of war with your dog.
  • Treat Toys – A treat-dispensing toy like this is a good idea for a dog to play with when you’re not home.


dog toy for sleeping puppy

Puppies and adult dogs are both going to need a comfy spot of their own to sleep in. It is important for a dog to have their own space, and a dog bed is a good way to achieve that. This should be a place for your dog to sleep comfortably, but also a secure spot where they’re sheltered. On a medium budget, you have a lot of choices with dog beds. These are some options that will work well:

  • Soft Bed for Small Dog or Puppies – A small cushioned bed like this is going to be nice and comfortable for puppies. These beds can be great, but they are not suited to every dog. Some don’t like how warm they can get, or dogs that like to chew can cause damage! If your pet is going to be using the spot just for sleeping though, then this is a great choice.
  • Small Dog Basket – This is a dog bed for a small dog or puppy that suits a more mischievous dog! They won’t be able to rip into stuffing here. A dog basket like this can be lined with some soft dog blankets to make sure they’re still comfortable.
  • Large Dog Beds – Large dog beds come in mainly the same varieties as small ones. A soft one like this can be cozy, or a hard one like this can work with some bedding. If you’re adopting an older dog, a flatbed like this might benefit. This design helps prevent soreness in their joints as they age.

As well as a bed, on a medium budget, you have the option of crate-training your dog. A dog crate can be used to help house-train your dog and to provide them with a space of their own. You can get a crate in a small size or a large size on a medium budget.

Leash and Harness

dog expecting a treat

Any dog is going to need a leash and a collar or harness at their new home. This is essential for walking your dog. If you’re getting a puppy then you might have to wait a few weeks until they’re fully vaccinated, but there are some benefits to getting them a leash early. You can use the time while they can’t go out for walks to get your dog used to the sensation of being held on a leash and wearing a harness.

The main choice when it comes to a leash is going to be the size. You should have a good enough idea of what you’ll need based on the dog’s breed. Beyond that, you can choose between a collar or a harness. A harness has some advantages over a collar though. These are some good choices on a medium budget:

  • Harness – A harness in any size that your dog needs is an easy enough purchase. Something like this which is secure and sturdy is going to get the job done.
  • Leash – For a leash, you have a few more options. Essie tally it boils down to an extendable leash or a single fabric strap though. A strap like this can work and is particularly helpful for a dog that pulls their lead often. An extendable one like this is also fine though, especially if you can’t let your dog off their leash for a run.

Everything You Need to Bring Home a New Dog 

That’s all of the essential purchases for settings your house up to bring a new dog home. A puppy or an adult dog is going to be comfortable from the second they come home with everything that they’re going to need. Once you’ve got everything set up for a dog, all that’s left to do is decide on a name and bring your dog home!

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