10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Cat

Deciding what pet you should get is a difficult task. Studies have found that pet owners enjoy a number of health benefits, as well as the obvious companionship of having an animal around. Cats are some of the most loved pets and we’ll show you the key considerations to help you decide if you want to choose a cat as your pet. Welcome to “Camp Cat”!

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Camp cat  or Camp dog? Who is the winner?

Cats and dogs suit different needs and lifestyles. However, cats are more accommodating to a wider range of life styles. They also make very loving and appreciative companions. When choosing which pet you should get, a cat might be the perfect choice than you think.

And the answer is…

There is no objectively better pet. It is more about the lifestyle that you lead. Which pet is right for you is the pet that fits into your lifestyle the best. Some people will have an easier time accommodating a cat than a dog, and vice versa. While you have to take your lifestyle into account, cats and dogs also provide different types of companionship. A cat will need less maintenance than a dog. However, cats usually aren’t as happy to play whenever you feel like a cuddle from your pet.

Independent with less need for space and activity – Camp cat

Cats suit different lifestyles to dogs. If space is at a premium for you, a cat is often a better choice but this isn’t universal. Some dogs will be suitable for smaller spaces, but they are difficult to care for without access to an outdoor space. Cats don’t have this problem. Similarly, a dog requires quite a bit of active attention every day. They require walks and exercise to stay healthy. However, cats are pretty independent. You will still need to put some work into a cat but not as much as other pets. Along with being loving and easier to accommodate, cats are often cheaper to care for.

What Pet Should I Get to Suit my Lifestyle?

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What is our lifestyle now? What will it be tomorrow?

Cats and dogs suit different types of lifestyle. If you’re choosing which pet is right for you, you have to decide whether your lifestyle is going to change majorly in the future. Typically, your lifestyle is going to be decided mainly by your personality. You might instinctively know if you prefer the independence of a cat or the long walks that come with dogs. If you have plenty of time to spare and enjoy the outdoors, a cat might not be the better choice. While you can walk cats, they don’t necessarily need this exercise as much as dogs do. However, if you want a pet that is low maintenance then a cat is better for you.

How much attention are you prepared to give to your pet?

A busy lifestyle will typically make you better suited for a cat. While cats will still require quite a bit of attention, especially if they’re indoor cats, even an indoor cat needs less work than an average dog. If you have a busy lifestyle and won’t always have time to be home around a pet, then a cat might be the better choice for you. They won’t need as much upkeep day to day like regular walks. A cat will also be less unhappy being left alone for more than a day, this makes it a bit easier to date when you need to be gone for a day or two.

Let’s not forget the economic factor

A cat is also quite a bit cheaper to care for. They don’t go through toys nearly as quick, their food is cheaper, and vet bills tend to be smaller for cats. While small dogs are often less expensive than cats, an average cat will cost you a lot less per year than most dogs. This can be really helpful for anyone looking for a pet on a budget.

Which is Better with Children?

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Cats are great for children of any age

Whether you live a busy lifestyle or one with plenty of free time, deciding which pet is right for you is difficult when you have children. Having a family will completely alter your priorities when choosing a pet. You have to find the right pet for you and your family. If your children are old enough, giving them some input into the choice of pet might be helpful. If you all discuss this together, you can find a pet that you all prefer. A cat makes a great companion for any age of children. They are affectionate enough to give a child companionship, playful for younger children, and independent enough to not add extra complications to your family’s routine.

Cats can teach your children lessons unlike no other pet

An affectionate breed of cat can provide just as much companionship as a dog. This should be helpful if you’re looking for a pet that will be a friend to your children. Cats also have the capacity to teach children about things that other animals cannot. Having a pet will teach your children about respecting animals and appreciating their needs and differences. This can help you raise an empathetic child. Cats also teach valuable lessons about respecting the space of others. Cats can be played with and even trained, which should help your child bond with your pet and get a lot out of the relationship.

A cat that doesn’t always want to play might teach a child a lesson about personal space the hard way. However, a cat will demonstrate to children that sometimes people just want to be left alone. This helps them learn to respect each other’s boundaries and the feelings of others.

Which Pet Is Right for You and Your Home?

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How big is your space at home?

While you might have the lifestyle that suits any pet, you have to consider your space when deciding which pet is right for you. Cats are easier to take care of in a smaller space. A dog typically needs quite a big living space. This depends on the breed, but the majority of dogs are difficult to care for in apartments.

Do you prefer a litter box at home or multiple walks a day?

Cats are considerably easier to keep happy in any environment, this makes them a great choice for a pet.

A dog needs access to an outdoor space to even use the toilet, this means you have to be free to take them for walks multiple times a day or have a garden or outdoor space you can let them in. Litter training a cat is relatively easy and you do not need access to a garden to let them do their business.

A dog in an enclosed space won’t be particularly calm. However, a cat can be relatively happy in a smaller space. This makes cats a less intrusive presence. Even without access to space outside their home, a cat can be content as long as they have a good regular diet, access to a litterbox, and some forms of entertainment. It is easier to keep a cat entertained with toys than a dog, a dog will require more outside stimulation.

Nights Away

You can’t be at home at all times. Maybe you are dating someone and you want to spend one or two nights away from home. Maybe you need to go on a short business trip every now and then.

Cats can be left alone for longer periods of time

Cats are considerably easier to leave unattended for periods of time than other animals. A dog will be harder to care for if you have to leave your home for extended periods of time. A dog needs to be put in a kennel or stay with a family member if you leave for as much as a  single night. They simply aren’t capable of caring for themselves for any period of time. They cannot even entertain themselves for extended periods of time without any negative effects on their wellbeing.

No matter the pet, leaving your home always requires some preparation

A cat, on the other hand, can be left alone for longer periods of time. As long as you make preparations with their food and they have a source of entertainment, they can be alone for quite a bit longer. With a good cat sitter you can even leave  your cat alone for 1-2 weeks at a time. Just make sure you ask your sitter to visit at least twice a day. Choosing which pet is right for you means considering if you have the time to properly take care of their needs. Most people can meet the relatively low needs of a cat.

Which Is Better for Companionship?

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A central question beyond any practicalities of which pet is right for you has to be companionship. What you’re looking for in a pet is just as important as the boring realistic concerns. Most pet owners are looking for a form of companionship, both animals will provide this but in different ways. Both cats and dogs offer unconditional love, but cats and their owners have a different type of relationship.

Despite stereotypes, cats are loving and affectionate pets. A cat will make a great companion and enrich your everyday life. However, they are more independent. A cat isn’t always available for a cuddle. They will appreciate you but often have other things on their mind. This doesn’t change the positive relationship you can have with a cat.

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What pet should you get? Join Camp cat!

Choosing which pet you should get is an important decision. You have to take your circumstances, living space, and your family into account. Cats are the best choice for quite a range of people. They are low maintenance so can suit a wide variety of living situations. They are also more affectionate than they are usually given credit for. A cat can make a loving companion that doesn’t require much upkeep or work as well as being more accommodating to your lifestyle and cheaper to care for. A relationship with a cat can be very rewarding. Join Camp cat!

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