A Match Made in Heaven: Finding The Right Cat for You

Finding the right cat for you can be tricky. Once you’ve decided if you want a mixed or pure breed cat, there are still a lot of choices. Each lifestyle brings with it a certain set of circumstances that has to influence which cat is right for you. You might be tempted to just pick the cutest, but there are other things to keep in mind. You’ll have a much more rewarding experience with your cat if you take the time to consider more than appearance.

Finding The Right Cat For You

This is a bigger issue for pure breed cats. You will have an easier time finding a pure breed that can specifically meet you or your family’s lifestyle. Their temperaments are a little more predictable. There are so many different breeds, it can be difficult to find the one that’s right for you. There are some considerations with mixed breed cats too, but they are harder to predict. While there are some indications for mixed breed cats, it’s more down to the personality of that individual cat. Rescuing a cat from a shelter can also present its own set of challenges for finding one that’s compatible, but it can also make it easy to find a cat perfect for your home.

Some breeds of cat are perfect for children and others shouldn’t be left alone with them! If you have a big family this is something that has to be the first priority in choosing a cat. Equally, those with a very busy life need to ensure they’re getting a cat that can cope with some time alone. Those who are retired or have a lot of time need to find a cat that is best suited for them. Each breed of cat is unique, and some make perfect matches for different lifestyles.

Finding The Right Cat for a Busy Life

Some people might really want to bring a cat into their life but are worried that they don’t have enough time for one. Pets are a big commitment. They need entertaining, even if you’re busy. However, being busy doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t a cat that will suit you. There is a huge variety of breeds that are perfect for people with a busy life.

There are a few options for finding the right cat for you even as a busy person. Some of the strangest and most stunning breeds of cat are perfect for these homes. Maine Coon Cats and Norwegian Forest cats are often confused with each other. While they are different breeds they have one important thing in common: they’re both perfect for people without too much time on their hands. These cats live up to the stereotype of cats as an independent animal. While they do require some care and make for very loving pets, these cats are happy enough taking care of themselves. They also grow to bizarre sizes, if that is what you’re looking for. This frees you up to not worry about them so much if you have a busy life.

If you’re looking for an alternative with a more conventional look, there are still plenty of breeds for you. The British Shorthaired cat is a different story. This cat won’t require too much grooming but they are just as independent as the other two. The American Wirehair cat is another breed that matches low-patience grooming with a capacity to be independent. These cats are all great options for people with busy lives. Finding the right cat for you doesn’t mean compromising, these animals all make loving pets.

Finding The Right Cat for Retirees or Those with Free Time

Finding The Right Cat For You

A cat can be the perfect companion for those in retirement or anyone with quite a bit of time on their hands. Despite their reputation as independent animals, many cats love the company of humans. Finding the right cat for you in this situation is just as hard as if you don’t have too much time, but your options are a little more open. You should look for a breed that is relaxed and easy going. This will mean they won’t require a lot of energy from their owners, or wear anyone out. Cats with a good capacity to bond with their owners can make for perfect companions in these situations.

A Birman cat might be a breed to consider if you have these sorts of needs. Their temperament is perfectly suited for those in retirement. These cats are loving and affectionate but they’re also very gentle. This makes them loving companions. Birman cats are soft-hearted and won’t be bounding around the house like a ball of energy. These cats can form very strong bonds with single individuals, making them perfect for owners who are looking for companionship. While they can be playful, Birman cats are easy going and a great friend. Finding the right cat for you might mean a Birman if this sounds like an ideal companion.

Another breed that suits older owners or those with enough time to need a companion is the ragdoll cat. It’s as cute as the name implies. These sweet cats are characterised by their laid-back personalities. They don’t take too much upkeep but often follow owners around the house. They are a breed that’s perfect for accompanying an older cat owner. These cats make perfect friends for anyone looking for a low-maintenance companion in a cat.

Finding the Right Cat for Families

Finding The Right Cat For You

Bringing a pet into a home with children can often be stressful. Children and pets don’t always gel well. This means finding the right cat for you means finding a cat that will enjoy a busy household with children. This is often easier said than done. Many breeds lack the patience to deal with children. It’s difficult to explain to a cat that children don’t always know what is right and wrong.

When finding the right cat for you, you should look for a breed that is calm enough to deal with children. This is particularly important for younger children. For older children, a cat that is laid back and loving is a good choice.

The Himalayan cat is a good candidate for finding the right cat for you and younger children. These cats love to play and can match even the most hyperactive child’s capacity for playtime. They will bond with kids over endless games of chasing mouses and running around after laser pointers. These cats can make a perfect addition to younger families. They’re also very loving and will bond with those who entertain them. This can make them a rewarding pet for your child to grow up around.

A Birman cat is a very loving breed, which makes them just as suitable for older children as they are for older people. These cats will suit older children who can enjoy the companionship of the pet. They will get along perfectly in a busy household where they’ll get plenty of attention. This breed isn’t for younger children, as they can become stressed by high activity.

Mixed Breed Cats and Rescue Cats

Finding The Right Cat For You

There are still options for finding the right cat for you even if you want to avoid getting a pure breed cat. There are categories for mixed breed cat that can help you determine what sort is going to best gel with you but it is left certain than with a pure breed. Short and Medium haired cats will work well for older owners or owners with older children. Their easygoing nature makes it hard to find a home that won’t suit them, as long as you have time to nurture them they should make a great addition to your home.

Rescue cats are also an option. Sometimes, it is even easier to find one that is a match for you. Many will have quite a few problems because of their bad start in life, but they often make very loving pets. A rescue centre will have lived with the cat for a while. This means that they will have a pretty good idea of the atmosphere these cats will thrive in. Shelters should be able to advise you on which cats that need a home are right for your circumstances. Since they’ve been assessed a lot more thoroughly than a kitten, shelters will know exactly which cat will suit you.

Not every cat in a shelter will be right for you. However, if you’re willing to put some work into helping the cat adjust to its new home then a rescue cat can often meet your needs. Finding the right cat for you might mean looking around a few shelters but there are cats in need that suit any situation.

What to Consider When Finding the Right Cat for You

The breeds detailed here are a great guideline of where to start finding the right cat for you. However, each cat is different. You can usually judge a lot of the smaller details about a cat in the first meeting. It’s sensible to meet your prospect new cat before you make the final decision. After all, you’re going to be caring for this cat for many years so you should consider the decision for at least a day. Even within breeds that are typically right, there are oddball kittens.

Every cat is unique, so you should asses each cat individually. Judging solely by which is the cutest is tempting. However, you will have a much more rewarding relationship experience if you find a cat with the perfect personality for your home.

Have you met your best cat mate in life?

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