First Aid Kits for Cats and How to Use Them

Cats can be playful characters. However, sometimes their exploration and climbing can lead to accidents. A cat can get themselves hurt at home or outside. The first instinct of any cat owner is to head over to the vet. However, a vet trip isn’t always necessary. In a lot of situations, you can easily treat any problems at home. First aid kits for cats can help you deal with any accidents that might happen, without having to take your cat down to a vet. In the case of problems like broken bones or cuts, a first aid kit can help you deal with the immediate problem before heading to a vet.

First Aid Kits for Cats and How to Use Them

On some occasions, a vet might be closed or you may be unable to get there, a first aid kit is going to come in helpful in these situations. They’re a really useful thing to have around for your cat.

It can be difficult to figure out when your cat is in pain. They can’t exactly tell us that they’re feeling unwell. However, there are symptoms that you can watch out for. There are some tell-tale signs that your cat needs a bit of assistance. When that time comes, there are certain things that don’t require a vet trip. A well-stocked cat first aid kit can help you make your cat feel better, without having to go to the vet for every problem.

You can buy a pre-assembled kit which are great since they come with everything you’re going to need. However, you can assemble your own. By getting all of the pieces of a kit, you can put together everything that you need. This is everything to know about when to use a cat first aid kit, and what goes into it.

Signs a Cat is in Pain

It is kind of difficult to tell when a cat is in pain. They aren’t big talkers! Usually, this confusion will lead to a vet trip. If you watch out for the tell-tale signs that a cat is in pain, you’ll know better when they’re going to need first aid. These are the symptoms you’ll need to watch out for:

Symptoms that a Cat is in Pain

  • Hiding – A cat that is in pain will often hideaway.
  • Weird Breathing – A cat will breathe differently if they’re in pain or hurt. This will usually be rapid breathing or shallow breathing. However, if this is the only symptom then it might be a more serious problem with their breathing.
  • Growling and Hissing – Growling and hissing for no reason is a clear sign that something is wrong with a cat. They can also be crying.
  • Aggression – Aggression towards their owners is a clear sign that something is wrong with a cat.
  • Sleeping – Cats can sleep a lot! However, sudden extra sleeping can be a sign that something is wrong.
  • Loss of Appetite – Most cats have a healthy appetite. A cat that isn’t eating normally can be because of pain, among other reasons.
  • Too Much Self-Grooming – A cat that has a problem might overly lick and groom themselves when in pain.
  • Not Moving Much – A cat that stops moving for a while might be in pain.
  • Reluctance to Play or Interact – A cat in pain might avoid interaction with you more often than normal.

What Can First Aid Treat?

With a cat first aid kit, you can help them with more minor problems. However, sometimes you will still have to take a cat to the vet! There are some problems that can be treated at home though. A kit can also help you fix any problems with your cat when a vet is closed or you won’t be able to get there. These are some common situations where you can help with:

First Aid Kits for Cats and How to Use Them

  • Cuts – Bleeding and smaller cuts can be treated with first aid! However, larger cuts are going to need a trip to a vet. Equally, if you think that your cat’s cut might have something trapped in it, or that it is infected, then you’ll need to go to the vet.
  • Burns and Scolds – Burns and scolds should be treated before you take your cat to the vet. You can do this by running cold water over them for five minutes. Just as you would with a human burn, run it under cold water and don’t put any creams on there. Try to keep your cat calm while you take them for further treatment.
  • Tail Injuries – Tail injuries can occur around the house, like when a tail gets caught in a door. This can really hurt a cat, but it can be treated at home with a bandage.
  • Fights – Fights are an unfortunately common occurrence for a lot of outdoor cats. You can treat any wounds after a fight at home with a first aid kit, but if it is serious, a trip to the vet needs to take place as soon as possible. Cats can transmit disease in fights too, so a check-up is going to be needed.

Cat First Aid Kits

Having a cat first aid kit on hand for this type of thing is going to be really helpful! When getting one, you have two choices. You can assemble your own by getting all the components. You can also get a pre-made one and just top it up whenever you run out of each part. This is what you need to know about both types.

Making Your Own Cat First Aid Kit

It isn’t too difficult to make your own cat first aid kit. However, you will have to make sure that you keep everything contained and clean, so it is all clear for use when you need it. This is everything that needs to be in the kit:

  • BandagesSelf-adhesive ones like this ideally to make it easier to attach. This isn’t essential, but it makes things easier.
  • Open Weave Bandages – These are helpful for treating different kinds of wounds. Simple ones like this will be fine.
  • Surgical Sticky Tape – This can be any type but those for sensitive skin are easier for pets.
  • Cotton Wool – Some cotton wool is going to be helpful in treating wounds. As long as it is plain cotton wool like this one should be fine.
  • Sterile Absorbent Gauze – You’ll need gauze like this to dress wounds.
  • Blunt Ended Scissors – These types of scissors keep things safe when you’re cutting bandages for application.
  • Towel – This is handy for soaking up any messes.
  • Pet Collar – Just like a dog first aid kit, you’ll need a cone-shaped collar to keep your cat from getting at their wound while it is healing.

That should be enough to kit out a basic first aid kit for your cat. However, if you don’t feel like assembling it yourself you can get a pre-made kit.

Pre-Made Cat First Aid Kits

Pre-made kits can make things a bit simpler for you.  These come with everything you need. These are some of the best ones available at the moment:

The Best Cat First Aid Cat for Cars

This is a pretty simple pet first aid kit. It contains pretty much everything you’re going to need, contained in a tidy small container. This one is best used when you’re traveling, but it is big enough to keep on hand at home for emergencies.

Pet First Aid Kit for cat and dog
Pet First Aid Kit
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The Best Full Pet First Aid Kit

This is the best cat first aid if you’re looking for something that has some extras. This includes thermometers that you can use to check your pet’s temperature. There is also an otoscope, which helps you see if your cat has gotten ear mites. This kit might be a bit much for some people, but it is a complete kit for your pet.

Cat & Dog First Aid Kit Home Office Travel Car Emergency Kit
Pet First Aid Kit
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The Best Travel Cat First Aid Kit

This cat first aid kit is made for camping rather than everyday use. It can be used in situations outside of this though. It has the basics that you’re going to need to make sure your cat recovers while you’re away from the home. This is really more for travel than use at home though since it doesn’t have great quantitates of supplies.

Pet First Aid Kit for Travel
Pet First Aid Kit for Travel
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When to Use A Cat First Aid Kit

A properly stocked cat first aid kit can save you a lot of trouble. It can help you solve minor problems with your pet at home. Whenever they get into accidents or could be hurt, you can make sure they’re healing up before you even take a trip to the vet. However, you need to be aware of what is and what isn’t a problem that can be treated with first aid.

For the most part, first aid is going to be useful before you can get to the vet. It is a way for you to help your cat quickly, and keep them more comfortable while you get them to a vet. With those recommendations for a good first aid kit, you can be a bit more secure that you’re prepared for any eventuality with your cat.

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