Caring for Cats In The Summer – Staying Safe in the Sun

Caring for Cats in The Summer

For most, news of an incoming heatwave means nothing but fun. However, it isn’t a welcome turn for everyone, sometimes the extra heat is a bit of a burden. Pets have trouble keeping hydrated and comfortable in the heat, even cats need some extra care to stay happy and safe in the summer sun. There […]

Caring for A Kitten – Giving Your Pet the Best Start

a basket full of kittens

Caring for a new kitten can be a complicated task, even choosing which kitten to bring home is a big decision. A new kitten isn’t all playing and cuddles, this new pet is your responsibility. You need to look after their health, their diet, and their entertainment. There is a lot to consider in the […]

Choosing the Best Cat Litter Box: Which is Right for You?

kittens in a cat litter tray

A litter box is typically one of the first purchases a new cat owner makes. Your first concern tends to be feeding them and dealing with what they do with that food. As an essential purchase, most cat owners don’t tend to overthink it. They go for a simple tray. Sure, cats like these trays […]

The Advantages of Having an Indoor Cat

Mishi pets - cat hunting birds

Cats don’t have to be wild animals. While many people think that cats should be outside most of the day with the freedom to roam, there are quite a few advantages of having an indoor cat. They need a little more work and attention than their independent counterparts, but this is a trade-off for safety […]

Cat Home Alone: Does My Cat Miss Me?

lonely cat waiting for owner

As much as we might try, we can’t always be around for our pets. At one point or another, even the most devoted cat owner has to leave their furry friend alone. Despite their popular image as solitary animals, cats do enjoy our company and notice when we’re gone. A lot of cat owners then […]

What to Buy for Your New Cat: The Essential Cat Products

Cat in a bicycle basket

There are few things as exciting as planning to welcome a new kitten into your household. Here we want to help you prepare so your pet has all the essential cat products. Once you have those sorted out you are ready to be a cat parent! Bringing home a new cat is an exciting and […]

Cat Grooming: It’s not just about the looks!

grooming a cat with a brush

Cats try to groom themselves, but their standards of what cleanliness probably doesn’t line up with their owners! Most cats would be happy to be left to stay clean through licking themselves, but sometimes owners need to intervene. Grooming a cat can be an unappreciated task. However, there is a correct way to go about […]

Catios and Cat Leashes: Safely Taking an Indoor Cat Outside

cat on a balcony catio

Some cats are unable to go outside on their own. While many felines enjoy the freedom of coming and going for a home, for others it is impractical. This can be for a variety of reasons: your cat might not be able to go outside because of where you live, or their health, or dangers […]

Houseplants Safe for Cats: Which Plants Are Cat Friendly

cat in a cat friendly plant

House plants can be a fantastic way to improve your air quality, brighten up your surroundings, and make your home feel like a nicer place. However, sometimes your cat can disagree. Cats can cause problems with house plants. They like to climb, play, and generally make mischievous with big pots of soil. This is often […]

How to Train Your Cat: It’s Not an Impossible Feat!

Mishi Pets cat begging on hind legs

Contrary to popular belief, you can train your cat. Most people believe that it is only dogs who can be taught proper behaviour and tricks, but cats are more than capable of learning how to understand you. Training your cat is a bit different though. Experts agree that cats are considerably less domesticated than dogs, […]

Cat Litter Box: Proper Care of Your Cat’s Litter Box

Cat's Litter Box

While it might not be the nicest topic to discuss, dealing with cat’s litter box is a major part of caring for your feline friend. While many owners like to keep the litter box out of sight and out of mind, its an essential part of your cat’s day. There is an abundance of choices […]

Neutering or Spaying Your Cat: Be a Responsible Cat Parent

Spaying or Neutering Your Cat - stray cat

Deciding if neutering or spaying is right for your cat is a big decision. You might have some ideas about breeding your cat, because who wouldn’t want kittens that looked just like yours? Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. Spaying or neutering is the responsible thing to do with your pet. You also have to consider […]

Does Your Cat Have a Healthy Diet? How to Feed Your Cat

cat eating food

Feeding a cat is the most basic task required for taking care of your furry friend. However, there are plenty of problems that can arise. Many owners worry about the nutritional value of their cat’s food, or if the food is right for their cat’s lifestyle. There are also foods that cats like to eat, […]

Are You Depriving Your Dog or Cat of Holistic Care?

cat and dog holistic care

With our best desire at heart, we often ask if there is something that will act as a miraculous wonder drug to help our pet when he or she is unwell. Of course, the answer is not that simple. If it were, there would be no vets nor science. But, a holistic pet care approach […]

A Guide to Dating When You Have a Pet

dating man woman and a dog

Dating can often mean some big changes in your life. If your pet is a central part of your everyday activities, it can affect them too. Pets can become quite accustomed to the status quo, so there are naturally going to be some concerns about bringing someone else into the picture. There are lots of […]

Is Your Cat Bored? Learn how to keep your indoor cat happy

Indoor Cat Entertained

Not every cat enjoys spending its days outside the home. Hunting, running, and exploring is okay for some but it’s not for everyone. Some cats just don’t like being left to wander alone in the great unknown. Others may live in areas where it’s not safe to let them loose. Such as a few stories […]

Before You Go to the Vet: Treat the Most Common Pet Ailments

Vet doctor with a cat and dog

Pets are perhaps our most beloved family members. Naturally, we want them to live a healthy and happy life. Humans and pets both suffer from ailments from time to time yet the difference between the two is that, unlike humans, pets are not able to communicate when they have a problem. Sadly, the animal may […]

Best Things to Buy for Your New Cat on a Bigger Budget

Getting everything ready for a new cat or kitten to come home can be a big job. Whether you’re on a small budget or you have a bigger budget to spend, there’s a lot of decisions to make. You need food, litter, toys, and even a scratching post or furniture for them to play on. […]

Best Things to Buy for Your New Cat on a Medium Budget

When you’re preparing your home for a new kitten or cat, there is a lot that you need to think about. Your cat is going to need supplies to make your house a home for them. Whether it is an adult cat or a kitten, they’ll need equipment, toys, and even bedding or furniture to […]