Best Things to Buy for Your New Dog on a Low Budget

Bringing home a new pet is an exciting time, but there’s a lot of prep work that needs to be done. There are quite a few things that you’ll need to buy for your new dog. If you’re not careful, a budget can get a bit out of control in this process. If you take a bit of care though, you can find everything that you’re going to need to buy for a new dog on a low budget.

Best Things to Buy For a Dog on a Low Budget

There are quite a few things that a new dog is going to need. Having a low budget doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality though. If you shop around for the right products, you’re going to be able to get high-quality equipment for your dog at a lower price. If you look for the products that are built to last, then you can get everything for a new dog on a low budget. These are the best products out there that you’ll need to buy for a new dog.

The Best Things to Buy for a New Dog Low Budget


One of the first things that you need to get for a new dog is food! For a puppy, you’ll need a special food for while they’re young before moving onto an adult food. The main concern here is health. Ideally, you’ll want a nutritious dog food that is going to help them grow. Typically, the brands that claim to be the healthiest are those that cost the most! However, if you’re willing to buy in bulk and find the right dog food then you can save quite a bit of money here without compromising on health or flavour.

Some good choices for puppy and adult dog food on a low budget are:

  • BETA Puppy Dry Dog FoodThis is a particularly good choice for puppies because of its value. You can get a 14KG bag for a really good price. The food itself is pretty natural, with minimal ingredients and nothing artificial added. This is great for puppies to grow up healthy and happy.
  • Perfect Fit Small Dog Food – This is an adult dog food formulated for smaller breeds. It should help them with their unique digestive needs, keep their coat healthy, and their weight under control.
  • BETA Large Adult Dog Food – This is the BETA adult dog food for larger breeds. This type of food has the same health advantages that come with the Puppy food, but formulated for the healthy of bigger breeds of dog.


A stable diet of healthy food is important, but the occasional treat is needed for a new dog too. Since you’re on a lower budget, you should stick to treats that are nutritious and versatile. You’ll need something to help you out with training as well as giving your dog a reward. While treats are supposed to be something fun for your pet, you can get healthy treats while keeping your budget under control. These are some good choices:

  • Training Treats – These grain-free training treats are ideal for rewarding your dog without feeding them any junk food. Training treats have to be small to give your dog an incentive to respond to their training. However, they should also be healthy, which often puts the price up! These treats are a great balance between value, size, and health.
  • Dental Chew – Dental chews are a great way to keep your dog’s teeth in good condition and give them something tasty. This is another item where the price is kept low by buying in bulk. It is a box of 112 sticks, which should keep a dog in good dental condition for some time.

Food and Water Bowls

Best Things to Buy For a Dog on a Low Budget

Your dog is going to need their own set of bowls to eat and drink from! This might seem like a really simple purchase, but there is a bit more to consider. Most people don’t pay much attention to their dog’s food and water bowls. However, a damaged or improperly cared for bowl can become a hotspot for bacteria.

Bacteria grows when a bowl is scratched or damaged, as it enters the cracks in the surface there. So a good way to avoid this is to get a bowl that’s made from a more durable material. Plastic bowls aren’t a great choice for your pets. These are some recommendations for other bowls on a budget. They have a low initial cost, won’t harm your dog, and they’re built to last:

  • Ceramic Dog Bowls – These ceramic dog bowls are a great alternative to plastic. They’re sturdy and resistant to biting to make sure there aren’t any harmful chips in the bowl. They’re also dishwasher, freezer, and fridge safe.
  • Metal Dog Bowls – Dog bowls made from a high-quality metal can be just as safe as those made from ceramic. If you have a clumsy dog, they might be a better choice as they’re more resistant to being broken. These are a good choice when you’re on a budget.


two dogs running with dog toy ropes

Whether you’re adopting a young puppy or an older dog, you’re going to need some toys for them. Dogs like to play a lot and there are a lot of different things you could get for them. However, they all fall into a few categories and styles of play. This makes things easier on a lower budget.

One good tip for buying dog toys on a lower budget is to avoid Puppy specific toys! These are pretty much the exact same toy, but usually at a smaller size and with a more babyish colour scheme. These are even sometimes more expensive than a bigger version of the same toy for an adult dog. This pricing exists to take advantage of new dogs. If you’re buying dog toys on a low budget, just go for the best price. Ignore any labels specifying ‘puppy’ toy!

Most dogs will end up preferring some types of toys over others. Each dog enjoys a different style of play. These different styles need different toys. This is natural, they just take a little time to figure out which it is that they really like to play with. So when you first bring a dog home, watch the way that they play to see what type of toys would be good for them in the future. When you first bring them home, a small selection of different types of toys are all they need. From here, you can figure out what they’ll enjoy playing with. These are some recommendations.

Dog Toys on a Low Budget

  • Balls – A lot of dogs love to play fetch. Having a ball like this when you bring one home can help you figure out if that is a game for them.
  • Soft Toys – Some dogs really like to play with softer, more plush toys. However, some will rip them to pieces fairly quickly. Reinforced soft toys like this are a great choice on a budget because of that. They can cut down on the number of times they’ll need to be replaced.
  • Rope for Tug of War – A lot of dogs enjoy playing with their owner and actively pulling something while you pull as well. This can be pretty much any rope, but if you’re looking for a specific dog toy then something like this can work.
  • Something to Chew – Another style of play from some dogs is chewing! This will especially be the case while they’re teething. Toys that are safe to be chewed up can be gotten on a budget, like these.


Best Things to Buy For a Dog on a Low Budget

Most dogs are going to enjoy sleeping with their owners throughout the day. However, it is quite important for a dog to have a place of their own to sleep too! That’s where a bed comes in. There are a lot of different choices for beds. A lot of your dog’s needs will depend on their breed since size plays a big role. Like with the toys, getting something suitable for your dog once fully grown is more cost-effective. You can purchase a bed specifically for a puppy, but it’s better to get one that works when they’re fully grown as well.

Some dogs also mature into biters and chewers! A soft bed might be damaged or broken by these dogs. If that’s the case then a solid dog basket with some blankets is a better choice, since they can’t really be destroyed by an excitable dog. These are some good choices for different dog beds on a budget:

  • Dog Bed for Small Dogs – This is a soft and comfortable bed for the smaller dog. It will suit them while they’re a puppy, but also once they grow up. This is going to keep them warm, but its flat shape will make it comfortable even in the heat.
  • Dog Bed for Large Dogs – A dog bed for a large dog might be a bit more expensive, just naturally as there is a lot more material involved. Something like this is still cost-effective while allowing for a dog to sleep anyway they like. As your dog ages, this can help them prevent joint problems.

Leash and Harness

The last big thing you’re going to need for a new dog at home is a leash and harness. This is important for when you start to walk them. A leash should be sturdy, to help them get the hang of walking with you at first. A harness is useful for holding them back when they pull without causing any injury.

Bigger dogs will need larger and sturdier harnesses like these. Whereas a smaller dog can fit into something like this. A lead can be something that extends like this. However, at first, a strong and secure leash like this might be a better choice, this is easier to train a dog with than the extendable leash. 

Everything You Need to Bring Home a New Dog on a Budget

Best Things to Buy For a Dog on a Low Budget

That’s everything you’re going to need to bring home a new dog on a budget. All of those things can be gotten relatively cheaply. However, the more expensive items can really be used for a long time. A lot of those purchases are going to be in use for as long as you and your dog want them too. Over time, that initial cost for a bed or leash becomes much lower. Especially when you consider all the fun you’ve had with your dog in the meantime. Dogs don’t have expensive taste, and it is quite easy to make a great home for one even on a low budget.

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